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Season 1 Episode 5


With Nora gone, Eph reluctantly joins Setrakian’s quest in hopes of gathering enough evidence to warrant a citywide quarantine. Fet encounters the unexpected inside the subway tunnels, and a medical emergency threatens Palmer’s master plan...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



Tribeca, Manhattan

Dr. Evanston, the urologist, comes to visit Gabe Bolivar -- whose man parts have just fallen off. His manager Ruby Wain is trying to keep things together before his show tomorrow.

Ruby takes Dr. Evanston upstairs to see Gabe Bolivar at the townhouse, who now looks like the goth freak he used to dress up as.

From downstairs, Ruby hears a shriek and a thump. She finds Gabe with his tentacle attached to the still-alive doctor, sucking blood from her neck. She begs Ruby not to leave her, but Ruby takes one look at the situation and runs like hell.

She trips on her way out and limps away, calling someone to tell them that the concert is canceled because Gabe hurt someone "permanently" bad. The person on the other end tells her they'll send someone.

At the Arnot's house, Abraham tells Ephraim about the "scourge," which has existed for thousands of millennia. He tells Eph about "the Master," or patient zero, who spreads the virus with the parasites in his blood. He let four passengers live so the media would focus on them and not the dead, giving them time to go home and infect their families.

Abraham is sure every part of it has been planned, including the "suicide" of the Regis CEO. Eph realizes Abraham is talking about a vampire.

Poland, 1944 A young Abraham rides in a railroad car with his mother and brother, shivering in the cold. She reminds them of the stories she used to tell them about the evil in the world.

Later, the train lurches to a stop and the people are ushered out of the cars, where Thomas Eicchorst welcomes them in his Nazi uniform, telling them they're at a work camp, a place of "fairness." Anyone who resists is quickly beaten.

Abraham and his brother explain that they're carpenters, even though he only has six weeks as an apprentice. "This is how we live," his brother explains.

Back in the present, Joan Luss's kids bring her breakfast in bed. She's grumpy and creepy as she hugs her children. Her housekeep eyes her as she stares a little too long at her daughter's jugular.

After breakfast at the Arnot's, Abraham tells Eph his plan is to go down the passenger manifest and take all the victims out. Eph wants video to take to his bosses.

Ansel Barber is next on the list, Abraham expects he will have turned by now. He gives Eph a nail gun with silver nails, explaining that nails will weaken them enough for Abraham to get close enough to kill them. "What we're dealing with here is the fate of the human race, but I don't expect you to believe that yet. You believe you're drafting me into your cause, but I am drafting you into mine," he tells Eph.

Eph tells Abraham about his truck "Esther," which he got in the Congo in exchange for his Rolex when he had to get across a village during an outbreak. Abraham notices they're no heater, which Eph says is a reminder. "So you're a romantic and unpractical. Wonderful," Abraham says.

Abraham leaves Nora a message asking her to call. Abraham tells Eph that people who are turned come back home and destroy those they love the most.

At night in the concentration camp, the Master flits among the beds, feeding on the sleeping prisoners. Abraham wakes up and sees him feed, then snap his victim's neck. The next day, Abraham tells his brother what he saw, and recognizes the monster from his mother's stories. She told him the only way to kill it was with silver and he wants to get into the metal shop.

Vasiliy Fet comes in to work, wondering what is driving the rats from their nests -- a bigger predator.

Nora gets a call about her mother, who wandered away from her nursing home, but is back. The manager warns Nora that if she wanders off again, they'll have to kick her out. Her mother is confused.

Eph and Abraham reach Ansel's house and find his wife hanging by a rope around her neck in the stairwell. Abraham holds a silver mirror up to her, explaining that if she's infected, it'll vibrate. It doesn't.

She left a note, mentioning where she left the children and telling Ansel she can't face the world without him.

They hear a noise and head to the shed out back. Eph puts on rubber gloves to avoid the worms, then follows Abraham, with the nail gun in one hand and cell phone in the other. They go in the shed and Ansel lunges at them, but he's still chained. Eph shoots him with a nailgun and Abraham cuts off his head. Abraham finds the chewed upon neighbor still alive in the shed but starting to turn and cuts his head off as well. He torches the shed.

Back in the concentration camp, Abraham wakes up when he hears the Master start to suck on his brother's throat next to him. He stays quiet but looks into his brother's eyes as the Master drains him then breaks his neck.

Eph leaves Nora another message. Eph wants to get a quarantined declared, but Abraham is going to continue down the list.

Stoneheart Group

Eldritch Palmer wakes up aft his kidney transplant. The doctor warns him he won't survive another major surgery and the AMA might get wind of their organ harvesting.

A dude in black leather, who clearly thinks he's a stealthy ninja but looks like he just did a few bong hits and ate some White Caste, shows up to deal with Gabe Bolivar's victim. He introduces himself ot Gabe as Jack Noon, and says he's there to clean up.

He turns out to be more sprightly than he looks when Gabe attacks him. He fends Gabe off long enough to draw his gun and shoot Gabe twice in the chest. He assesses the wounds and sees white ooze coming out. He's wondering who's going to pay him, when Gabe revives and attacks him, sucking him dry.

Back at Joan's house, Neva suggests she see a doctor, but Joan is going for a run instead. When Joan complains about something in her eye, the housekeeper looks and gets a good view of Joan's double eyelids. The housekeeper hastily packs up things for herself and the kids and tries to get them out the door.

Joan sees them and stop her. Neva protects the children as Joan leans in and smells them deeply. She tells Joan she's taking them to a movie then puts them in her minivan.


Vasiliy opens an underground access and goes into the tunnels. He sees and smells splatters of ammonia on the walls then hears something big run past him. Suddenly, dozens of the flight victims creep out of the darkness, stalking him. Armed with only a crowbar, he runs. He makes it to the stairs out of the tunnel and escapes, watching as the vampires are burned by the sunlight and can't follow.

At the home, Nora's mom continues to ask her when she gets to go home. Nora gets upset about not being able to do what needs to be done at work.

Nora is walking her mother back to her room when they hear a noise and Nora sees a vampire attacking one of the residents. She hustles her mom out of there.

Canary Team HQ Eph brings his video to his boss Everett Barnes, demanding a quarantine of the passengers and their relatives. Eph isn't glad to see Jim Kent is there. Eph explains the dead aren't dead, they're metamorphosizing. He tells his boss about Gary Arnot and plays him the video of Ansel in the shed.

Barnes says he's going to cancel his meeting, but Eph realizes he isn't. Kent realizes it's spreading, then tells Eph they have him on video dragging Redfern's body through the halls.

Kent helps Eph get out of the building. Eph pauses to take the SIM card out of his phone so he can't be tracked and tells Jim to get the quarantine declared, reminding him to do his job.

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