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Season 1 Episode 4

"It's Not for Everyone"

A secret autopsy demonstrates the bizarre progression of the mystery virus, prompting Jim to make a startling confession. Eph and Nora race to find the father of the youngest victim of the plane tragedy, but someone unexpected beats them to it. Ansel, in the grip of disease, takes desperate measures to protect his family...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



Moments after taking out vampire Doyle Redfern with a fire extinguisher, Ephraim Goodweather asks a fair question: What just happened here?

Redferns head is caved in, but tiny worms are oozing out. Nora remembers what Abraham said about cutting off the head and burning the body but first Ephraim wants to examine the body, before the whole hospital descends on him.

I just want to go on record: I do not think this is a good idea, Jim says. A monster just tried to murder us, there are no records, Eph says.

They move Doyles body to a room to examine him and Nora and Eph go looking for surgical equipment, while Eph tells Jim to stay with the body. What if it gets up? Jim asks. Run. Funny. Run, Eph, reiterates, not kidding. But its not going to get up, right?

Flatbush, Brooklyn

Ansels wife Ann-Marie tells him shes taking the kids to his sisters. He thinks thats a super idea, but wont let her call their doctor. She offers to put the dog in the shed, but Ansel tells her to leave her.

Spanish Harlem

Gus gets up in the morning to finds his friend Felix making breakfast. Felix tells him about a guy who will buy cars, but Gus remembers the last sure thing that got him sent to prison. Gus brother Chris is on the couch looking ill.

Stoneheart Group Eichhorst joins Palmer to talk to a hacker named Dutch Felders about a scheme Palmer has to launch a hack and blame Citizens United. Shell do it, as long as she gets the credit.

Nora and Eph examine Doyle while Jim films. They notice vestibulary glands on his throat, which Eph says could be used to expel heat since his body temperature rose. Then they get down to his privates and find that, like Gabe Bolivar, he has none.

They cut him open and see that his lungs have dried up. His insides look dehydrated. His arteries are dead but theres a new circulatory system that has grown just to support the stinger, as Eph calls it. He grabs the tentacle and pulls it out of Redferns body all six feet or so of it.

They notice an ammonia smell, just like on the plane.

Jim is ready to report everything. Eph concludes that its rewriting biology so it can reproduce and consume its host.

The super drops in on Gus mother to give her a hard time about leaving her recycling in the hall. Also, the rent is late. Both Gus and his mom look to Chris, who swears he took it down, but he doesnt seem to be remotely telling the truth.

Gus steps into the hall and intimidates the super into backing off his mom. He also gives him two months rent cash.

Then he agrees to join Felix on his scheme.

Ann-Marie returns home. She doesnt see Ansel or the dog. Shes praying the rosary when he goes outside and sees a bloody torn dog collar in the snow. She follows puddles of blood and finds the dog dead behind the woodshed, with its throat and insides ripped out. She knows Ansel did it.

She looks for him in the woodshed, where it smells awful. Hes hiding from her in the shadows, but then he jumps out, snarling and covered in blood. Hes chained himself by the throat to the shed and snarls at her to run far away and never come back. When she pauses, he tells her the voice in his head is telling him to drink her blood. He manages to compose himself enough to tell her again to run, and she does.

Gus drops by Abrahams pawn shop to return the clock Chris stole. Abraham isnt exactly appreciative to get his own stuff back.

Eph and Nora dump Redferns body in the furnace, trying to figure out their next move. Jim cant handle the guilt and confesses that he waived the van with the box through at the airport.

He tells them a guy named Greg Nelson targeted him at a medical conference and must have known about his crushing debt from his wifes illness. He answers all Ephs questions and mentions a German prick. He pleads that hes on their team, but Eph considers his friend of 10 years and then sucker punches him, telling Jim to go home and that hes dead to him.

When Eph leaves, Nora isnt any more sympathetic. She takes the phone with the autopsy footage and leaves.

In the car, Eph and Nora want to find another victim and remember Emma Arnot.

Meanwhile, in a parking garage, Felix distracts the attendant while Gus steals the keys to a Mercedes and they drive out.

Back in Flatbush, Ann Marie buries the family dog. Her snooty neighbor comes over about the growling coming from the shed, which he assumes is the dog. Ann Marie realizes hes the one who hit the dog the other night.

As Ansel growls more, the neighbor threatens to call the cops. Ann Marie apologizes, then offers to let the neighbor into the garage to teach the dog a few things. He takes her up on it, removing his belt.

Then Ann Marie shoves him into the shed, feeding him to her husband.

Felix and Gus bring their stolen Mercedes to Alonso Creem, the guy Felix heard pays $1,000 for cars. When he offers them $400, Felix is ready to take it but Gus wants to walk. Creem assesses them then pays$800.

At Stoneheart, FitzWilliam tells Palmer that cell towers arent working and the Internet has slowed to a crawl, like he wanted.

Health and Human Services Secretary Maggie Pierson arrives to meet with Palmer. He tells her he had a call from the White House, and that a classified biological agent got loose on the plane and the military has taken the bodies.

She owes him her career and is willing to do whatever he asks.

Suddenly, Palmer passes out. When he wakes up, a doctor tells Palmer his new liver is there and ready for transplant. FitzWilliam says they havent been able to reach Eichhorst and Palmer thinks theyve forgotten him already.

Nora and Eph go to the Arnot house in Queens. They follow the sounds of childrens songs to the basement where they find Emma in a bloody nightgown, with blood all over her face. She lunges at them, with her stinger out.

They are trying to get away when Abraham Setrakian steps out of the shadows with his sword and lops Emmas head off. Hes explaining that Emmas father will be right behind her because they need to find shelter before the sun rises when Mr. Arnot comes out behind Eph and Nora. Abraham shouts at them to move, then takes off Arnots head, too. (These are not particularly fast moving vampires, and seem to be easy targets if you have a giant sword.)

Setrakian warns them not to let the worms touch them, then he sends Eph for gas in the garage.

Nora freaks out upstairs, telling Eph they dont kill their patients. Eph asks her where she thinks the blood on Arnot came from and that he was out killing innocent people.

Eph tries to convince her that the creatures arent people anymore and they have to protect the people of New York. But she is unmoved.

Setrakian joins them. This is not for everyone, he deadpans.

After Nora leaves, Setrakian addresses Eph: Some brains cannot adjust. I can see you love her for that, but you have to let her go. Get the gasoline.




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