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Season 1 Episode 2

"The Box"

The four survivors begin manifesting strange symptoms, but Eph and Nora’s attempt to quarantine them is thwarted as the disinformation campaign begins. Meanwhile, in jail, Setrakian receives a surprise visit from an old — a very old — acquaintance...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



Red Hook, Brooklyn

Vasiliy Fet, a second generation Russian, prepares for his day. He tries out a sword and gets jugs of bug spray, and halothane. When his cat brings him a dead mouse, he announces hes going to go to some killing, too. Hes wearing a badge.

Avenue D., Lower East side, Manattan Gus finishes his drive into the city, arriving at the garage just before dawn. He looks around for Thomas Eichhorst and, when he doesnt see him, he goes to inspect the noises coming from the box in the back of his truck. When it starts shaking and emitting a growling, Gus runs for the exit and into daybreak.

JFK Airport, Cargo bay Ephraim Goodweather, Nora Martinez and Jim Kent look over what remains of the body of Bishop, the airport guy who went looking for the cabinet. Kent barfs at the sight of Bishops crushed head and chafes at the idea the box might have been carrying the biological agent.

Eph gets a call that his boss, Director Everett Barnes, has released the four survivors. Nora and Eph intercept them, but theyre not inclined to stay. Joan mentions that someone leaked Regis Air documents that say it was carbon monoxide. Finally, Eph calls in the cops and tells them he and Nora are issuing a quarantine. Joan gets on the phone with the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Margaret Pierson.

Stoneheart Group Eldritch Palmer watches the news. Thomas Eichhorst is concerned the CDC lockdown of the airport will delay their time table, but Palmer suggests the survivors will be free in an hour after he gives the press a villain. Palmer is excited to see Him, but Eichhorst has to visit an old friend first.

In lock-up, Abraham Setrakian sees Sec. Pierson lambasting the airline. Setrakian gets called to see his lawyer, even though he doesnt have one. Its Eichhorst. Setrakian acts like hes seen a ghost.

Eichhorst recites Setrakians number by heart and refers to him as Jew. He tells Setrakian the coffin crossed the river and his master is watching now, through him. The great game is over now, Jew, Eichhorst says. Not while I still breathe, Setrakian says.

Eichhorst taunts him about god and his sword. And her heart, do you still have that as well? Eichhorst tells him she struggled at the end but didnt cry out, only saying: Abraham.

Eichhorst continues taunting him, telling him he wants him to survive a little longer to watch it unfold.

Abraham is unmoved, telling Eichhorst he cut his friend Riverhaven to bits and dumped him in the North Sea.

Gus comes home from his errand and finds his brother Chris lounging on the couch eating ice cream. Their mother points out the antique clock Chris stole from Abraham Setrakian, which Chris says he got from a flea market.

When their mom leaves, Gus lays into Chris and demands to know where he got the clock. They take turns blaming each other for disappointing their mother. Gus resolves to take the clock back.

At the CDC command post at JFK, Sec. Pierson is there in person. After reviewing the Regis documents pointing to a carbon monoxide leak, she says the CDC is off the case and its being taken over by the NTSB. Pierson points out a quarantine would stop all shipment into and out of New York and wreak havoc on the economy. Eph tries to argue and when Barnes chalks his emotion up to issues in his personal life, Eph grabs his boss by the lapels to make his case.

He immediately realizes hes made a mistake. Barnes takes him off the case and sends him home.

Outside, Eph cant reach Bennett at the coroners office.

Eph and Nora meet with Captain Doyle Bedford in a bar. Hes pasty and says theres a ringing in his ears. When they ask about the box, he knows what theyre talking about. He says four men from a government office showed up at the last minute and put it on.

Eph gives Bedford the name of William Lester an ER doctor that Eph describes as the best diagnositician he knows.

Back in the temporary command post, Eph and Nora examine the worm tentacles. Eph feeds it a drop of blood from a bag and sees it raise up and open its creepy, tooth, tiny mouth. When Ephs son Zach texts, hes prepared to reschedule and keep working, but Nora convinces him to make his son a priority.

Before leaving, Eph leans in and kisses Nora like he means it.

In a restaurant on W 14th Street in Manhattan, Vasily Fet inspects the kitchen. Hes with NY Bureau of Pest Control and finds rat urine. Out front, Joan Luss and Gabriel Bolivar have brunch with his manager, Ruby Wain. Gabriel and Joan hear the same high priced noise, which Joan describes as like an echo of a voice.

Joan takes a sip of her water and notices blood in her mouth. Her eyes are getting blood shot. She heads home to see her family.

In the kitchen, Vasiliy finds a rat and shuts the place down. When diners out front dont listen to his announcement that the place is closed, he waves the rat around to scare them out.

At Stoneheart, Reginald Fitzwilliam tells his boss Palmer hes located a suitable donor liver in Bogota. Palmer thinks he might not need it anymore, but agrees to the plan as a back-up. Fitzwilliam doesnt think they should go anywhere at the moment, but Palmer cant be dissuaded. Ive never been more excited about a meeting in my entire life, Palmer says.

Eph goes to his house. When his wife asks about the plane, shes glad hes on the case. Eph finds his son in back with Matt, converting his old office into a game room. Eph extends a friendly hand, just asking Matt to make his wife happy.

Alone with Zach, his son reminds Eph not to be late to the custody hearing tomorrow. Eph encourages Zach to just say how he feels. Eph tells Zach hes going to ask for joint custody and that hell be available after this case.

Ephraim goes to an AA meeting. He shares that hes in therapy and how hard it was to see his wife and son with the new guy, but hes resolved not to blow things with his son.

At his loft apartment, Gabe cant shake the ringing in his ears. He crushes up erectile dysfunction pills and snorts them then joins the three naked women in his bed. They notice his hair is falling out but he keeps going. Suddenly, hes mesmerized by one womans throbbing jugular and he bites down hard on her neck, drawing blood. When the women freak out he kicks them out, but hes soon hungrily licking her trail of blood off the floor.

At St. Sebastian hospital, Bedford is crashing. His lab results are crazy and Eph describes them like something taking over his system and making it into something else. Bedford says hes on fire and his skin is crawling. They look at him under UV light and find the same incision in his neck, and then they notice worms moving under his skin.

Eph tells Jim to call Barnes and get the survivors back in quarantine.

When they still cant reach the ME Bennett, Eph and Nora get in the car and drive to the morgue. On the way, the CDC switch board operator puts a call through from Emmas father, who thanks Eph for sending his girl home to him. Eph is seriously confused, he examined the dead girl himself.

Nora suggests the worms induce hibernation.

Well, well find out in ten minutes. If shes dead, shell be at the morgue, Eph says.

Fitzwilliam drives Palmer to his meeting the parking garage where Gus delivered the coffin. Fitzwilliam cautions his boss that hes being deceived, but Palmer says these people have power beyond anything he can imagine, and one day Fitzwilliam will benefit from it, too.

Palmer goes to see the box, and Eichhorst joins him. The creatures zooms around then stands all the way up to his full nine feet, revealing his bald monster face and long claw hands.

Meanwhile, Eph and Nora arrive at the MEs office and find the front desk chair knocked over and the phone off the hook. The morgue is ransacked, dark, and empty. When the lights dont work, they look around with flashlights. They find that every single body bag is empty.

At her house, Emma sits in a cold tub in the dark. Her dad notices her hair is falling out. Her eyes have two lids like Palmer. When her dad leans in, a monster extendo tongue like the big monsters shoots out of her mouth. She latches on to her dads neck and bleeds him dry.

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