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The Son (AMC) Talked About Scene - "The Face Off"

Eli, Pete, and their men face off against Pizaña's sedicios.

In the present, a Mexican woman wades across the river and signals the rest of the Sediciosos to follow. Pete grabs her and covers her mouth so she won’t scream. The posse ambushes Pizaña’s crew as they cross the river. Pete lets the woman go. After a brutal shootout, Pizaña tells the Sediciosos to pull back. Eli and the posse cheer. The woman shoots Sullivan in the head. Pete instantly reacts and shoots her dead, then reels with regret. Sullivan survives — the shot just nicked him.

A photographer takes a photo of Niles in front of the dead Sediciosos. Eli assures Pete that he did the right thing in shooting the woman. Pete argues that they’re starting a war and wonders if the world needs more people like them.


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