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The Son (AMC) Talked About Scene - "Defending the Ranch"

Just as the Sediciosos are about to take the McCullough's ranch, Pedro Garcia arrives to defend his neighbor's land.

Sally looks for a croquet set in the storage shed. Jonas joins her and admits he hates living at the ranch as much as she does. Gunfire breaks out as the Sediciosos attack the ranch. A bullet hits Jonas.

Sullivan and Neptune arrive at the house and shoot back at the Sediciosos.

Sally covers Jonas’s wound as he screams in pain.

Pete, Charles, Sullivan, Neptune and the maids fire guns at the Sediocosos from the house. Pete starts to leave the house to look for Sally and Jonas, but Sullivan stops him after the Sediciosos raise a red flag: “No surrender, no prisoners.”

Jeannie rides to the García ranch and begs Ignacio to help her family. He reluctantly brings her inside.

Maria tries to reach the McCullough house by phone, but the operator is unable to make the connection. Maria tries calling the sheriff’s office but no one answers.

Pete, Charles, Sullivan, Neptune and the maids continue to fire at the Sediciosos from all rooms of the house.

Maria begs Pedro to rescue the McCulloughs. Ignacio argues against helping them, since the McCulloughs killed Armando and probably Cesar. Pedro worries about getting pulled into a war that might endanger their family. Maria holds her ground and says they must set an example for the community.

Sally puts Jonas in a wheelbarrow and wheels him toward the house. A Sedicioso spots her and aims his gun. She begs him to spare their lives. He lets her go then gets shot by Eli in the head. Eli grabs Jonas and tells Sally to run inside.

Eli arrives at the house with Jonas and Sally. Pete and Charles run downstairs and find Sullivan dead.

Pete helps Sally wrap Jonas’s wound.

Everyone blocks the front door with furniture as the Sediciosos enter the yard. They position themselves around the parlor, prepared for a last stand.

As the Sediciosos break through the front door, Pedro arrives with his men and shoots at the Sediciosos, chasing them away. Pedro calls out to Eli and enters the parlor. “You’re safe,” he says.





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