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The Son (AMC) Season Premiere Talked About Scenes

Eli (Pierce Brosnan) and Pete (Henry Garrett) argue over the issue of selling oil they have yet to discover.

In Eli’s office, Phineas tells Eli that he rounded up a good crowd of potential investors at the party. Pete argues that they are swindling people into investing in land that has no oil and proposes they instead focus on their cattle business. Eli declares that cattle ranching is a stagnant venture.



The sheriff questions Eli (Pierce Brosnan) and Pete (Henry Garrett) over the disappearance of Cesar (Elliot Villar.)

Sheriff Graham pulls up to the house. Pete suggests they turn Cesar over to the sheriff, but Eli says the law will not help them.

Sheriff Graham confronts Eli about Cesar’s disappearance, but Eli pretends to know nothing. Sheriff Graham admits that the only reason he’s investigating Cesar’s disappearance is because he needs the Mexican vote in the upcoming election. Eli offers to donate $200 to Sheriff Graham’s campaign.



Pete (Henry Garrett) fends for his life against Cesar (Elliot Villar) after trying to help him escape.

Pete reads Jeannie a bedtime story then kisses her good night. He goes to the shed and unties Cesar.

Jeannie sees Pete walking Cesar to his car.

Pete drives Cesar to a river and cuts his bonds, instructing him to flee to Mexico. Cesar tackles Pete instead. Gunshots ring out as they struggle. Pete stabs Cesar dead.

Pete buries Cesar in the middle of the night.



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