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The Slap

The Slap (NBC) - "Rosie" Full Episode & Recap

Rosie's mission to strengthen her case against Harry threatens to alienate her only supporters.

Rosie and Gary drop off Hugo at his first day of preschool, only to have the principal call them both back midday. She kindly informs them that Hugo engaged in an "extended tantrum" during the class's daily quiet time. Rosie responds to the principal's call for concern with a detailed explanation of the current court case and Hugo's fragile state of mind, and soon she and the principal agree (albeit for differing reasons) that Hugo belongs elsewhere. Gary, on the other hand, appears frustrated with Rosie's certitude and righteousness.

Later, Rosie meets with the DA and learns that Harry's defense presented her with new evidence they plan to expose during trial - a moment from five years ago when Rosie left Hugo at home for several hours alone in the apartment. Rosie cites postpartum depression, but her lawyer's more concerned with how the other side knows about it. This spurs Rosie to seek out Hector and interrupt him in the middle of a meeting. She accuses him of feeding secrets to Harry and causes Hector to snap, irate that she would consider him so disloyal to a good friend.

Rosie, now growing more and more desperate, visits Ritchie's family apartment on a mission that Ritchie identifies seconds into her arrival. She pleads with him to provide the photos from the BBQ, and Ritchie refuses, not interested in playing a part in what could lead to another man's jail sentence. After Rosie leaves in a huff, Ritchie's mother Fiona tracks Rosie down outside the apartment and demands that she stay away from her son.  

These series of setbacks send Rosie to the most unlikely of locations: Harry's dealership. Harry, stunned at her audacity, listens to her attempt to convince him to plead no contest and avoid a court case. He remains calm in his explanation that an option to back away from the case no longer exists - he must redeem his name in court after her accusations decimated his reputation. She expresses her fear and doubt - and he apologizes. She started this to protect her family, and now Harry's doing the same.

That night, Gary returns home aggravated by a recent phone call - Harry's team moved for a dismissal based on Rosie's impromptu visit to the dealership. But the source of Gary's frustration isn't just the wrinkle in the case; it's the fact Rosie never told him she went to the dealership in the first place. He lays into Rosie for her ignorance of the entire situation, and she counters with disgust. This launches an argument that ends in Gary storming out of the room and Rosie in near tears.

Gary soon finds himself in a familiar setting - a local gallery in conversation with a young artist about her painting. This moment harkens back to Gary and Rosie's first encounter, and in an eerie parallel Gary's current discussion about the merits and travails of modern artistry leads to the young woman's apartment... and an evening that Gary almost immediately regrets. But when he arrives at the courtroom for the start of the trial, he announces his complete support to Rosie.

The trial begins, and after opening arguments Aisha takes the stand for the prosecution. She speaks to the physical trauma Hugo suffered in the moments following the slap, but Thanasis declines to cross-examine based on Sandi's silent instruction. Rosie takes the stand next and fights through anger and tears to describe how Harry's slap influenced Hugo's outlook on life and usurped her right to parent as she sees fit. Her emotional testimony leaves the prosecution with a clear advantage and, sensing a turn in the tide, Thanasis asks Harry for permission to win the case... and Harry grants it.

During the cross examination, Thanasis builds to a controversial angle and brings up Rosie's alcoholic intake at the party in reference to regular breastfeeding of Hugo. She admits to breastfeeding Hugo at the party, and Thanasis reminds the court that the Mayo Clinic recommends waiting several hours to allow the wine to metabolize before breastfeeding. Before Rosie manages to fully react, he switches subjects to supervision - and mentions her abandonment of Hugo from five years ago. Thanasis finishes his line of questioning and leaves Rosie reeling, in near collapse. Stung by the sudden reversal in fortune and his wife's state on the stand, Gary whispers to their lawyer that he will present her with new evidence that will fix the damage.

But while the trial unravels, Ritchie sits in his room and looks at the very evidence Gary believes he can obtain - the key photography of Harry, Hugo and the slap itself. And Ritchie hits delete.

The Slap

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