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Season 1 Episode 1

"Arise My Love, Shake Off This Dream"

Police Officer Harold Jenson tries to balance his increasingly stressful work duties while his home life slips into disarray; a shocking tragedy upends the lives of all involved....

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During a traditional Native American ceremonial dance in the woods, tribe member Phillip Kopus (Jason Momoa) watches as police officer Harold Jensen (Martin Henderson) circulates a “missing person” flyer to the crowd. Jensen later questions locals about a missing NYU student.

Later at Mike’s house, Phillip barges in to ask Mike (Zahn McClarnon) about the missing boy’s whereabouts. Mike says he accidentally killed him then dumped the body in the lake. Phillip tells Mike that he’ll be staying with him a while.

At the Jensen house, Jean (Julianne Nicholson) fights with her older daughter Rachel (Allie Gonino) after finding a condom in Rachel’s pocket. Harold warns Rachel to stop seeing “that Indian kid.”

Phillip pays a surprise visit to his estranged mother Marie (Tamara Tunie). Marie introduces Phillip to Junior (Kiowa Gordon), a young man she’s foster parenting.

After finding Junior’s phone number in Rachel’s room, Jean calls Marie. “Tell your son, or whatever he is, to leave my daughter alone,” Jean says. But Rachel’s with Junior at an empty plant.

At the station, Harold learns the search team has found items belonging to Jean’s long-dead brother.

At home, Harold tells his younger daughter Kate (Analisse Basso) that he’s sleeping in the guest room to help Jean’s sobriety process.

Phillip pays a visit to his father, Jack Kopus (Tom Sizemore) in Brooklyn to give his father Jack an envelope of drug money and to let him know that Mike dumped the body in a lake. Jack threatens to replace Phillip if he turns up short on cash again.

At home, Rachel screams at Jean for calling Junior’s house. Jean replies an Indian boy turned her brother onto drugs and caused his drowning.

When Rachel and Junior show up at Mike’s place looking for a place to crash, Phillip agrees to let them hide out, then they all go on a hike.

Back home, Harold reassures a frantic Jean that Rachel’s with a friend.

That night, Phillip, Mike, Junior and Rachel swim in a lake. Mike harasses Rachel until Junior intervenes. Mike shoves him underwater. “Let him up,” Phillip orders. Mike complies.

Harold wakes from a nap to find Jean (and his gun) missing. Kate says Rachel’s with Junior.

Gun in hand, Jean hysterically bangs on Marie’s door. Marie says Junior’s gone. Jean gets back in her car and ends up hitting someone on the drive home.

Back home, Jean washes the car and tells Harold she hit an animal. Kate shows Harold a texted pic of Rachel drinking with Junior. He leaves to find Rachel.

In his car, Harold encounters the hit-and-run scene which he realizes involves Jean.

With Marie’s help, Harold finds Rachel sleeping on Junior’s lap at Mike’s house. Harold threatens to kill Junior if he comes near Rachel again.

Phillip drives Marie and Junior home and spots Marie’s gun in the driveway. He calls Harold. At a meeting place, Phillip tells Harold witnesses saw the hit-and-run but he’ll protect Jean. He acknowledges that most people blame him for her brother’s death. Phillip then returns Harold’s gun which Jean had left in Marie’s driveway.

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