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Season 1 Episode 5

"The Great Snake Battle"

Harold makes a curious discovery as he puzzles over new details; Kopus heads to Brooklyn...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]






Phillip asks his dad Jack why he set him up in Florida. After taking Phillip’s gun, Jack says it was because Phillip disobeyed him. After Jack eventually returns the gun, Phillip wipes his own prints off it then bags it.

Phillip meets Harold outside the Jensen house. Jean sees Harold take an envelope from Phillip. Harold later tells her the envelope is from a neighbor. Inside the envelope, Harold finds a marked up map.

Phillip meets with a drug dealer, who tells him to deliver all 2,000 tablets on the fifth of the month.

Following Phillip’s map, Harold finds a 9mm handgun hidden on a lakeshore.

Phillip goes over the drug deal with Junior then mentions that Mike skipped town. Junior asks if Jack were telling the truth when he said, Phillip killed someone when he was 8. Phillip says it was an accident.

Divers remove the missing student’s body from the lake. The medical examiner says the bullet wounds appear to match the 9mm handgun.

Jean calls information to track down Phillip’s number without success.

At the station, Captain Warren asks Harold why he looked for the body outside the search radius. Harold says he was drawn there because that’s where Brian’s body was found.

At home, Jean asks if Harold is keeping secrets. He denies it.

Junior urges Marie to get meds herself if she won’t take the ones he’s given her. Phillip arrives to drive Junior to school. Marie concedes that Phillip might be a good influence. “Just don’t let him down,” she warns.

At the station, an officer informs Captain Warren that the 9mm gun fingerprints were traced to Jack Kopus. The NYPD detectives ask Captain Warren how Harold found the body. They accuse Harold of being a dirty cop.

Harold calls David and admits he replaced Jean’s bumper.

David’s lawyer presents a settlement offer to the Morgans. Frank and Uncle Mac hesitate to accept. Sky says there’s virtually no chance of prosecuting Jean.

Jean tells her psychiatrist that she saw Harold talking to an old high school boyfriend, but wonders if she imagined it.

David informs Phillip that the Morgans took the settlement and can no longer prosecute Jean.

Harold visits Mike’s girlfriend. She tells him about the mine. Harold finds the mine and discovers the stolen drug stash.

On their way to the mine, Junior asks Phillip what would happen if he dropped out of the drug deal. Phillip says he would find someone else. “I just wanted to know I had a choice,” Junior says. Phillip removes garbage bags from the drug stash.

The NYPD detectives bust into Jack’s apartment. Jack shoots them dead.

Harold sneaks into the evidence room and retrieves cassette tapes from Brian’s belongings.

At home, David asks Jean to sign the settlement papers. She refuses. David reveals that she did hit the boy. Jean replies Harold wouldn’t lie to her.

Harold tells Phillip that the Morgans took the settlement. “I hope you had a good time playing me,” Harold says, adding he knows about the stolen drugs.

At home, Jean screams at Harold for lying. He explains he was keeping her out of jail then drives off.












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