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Season 1 Episode 4

"The Bad Weapons"

Harold finds himself caught between his role as law enforcement and the deal he has struck with Kopus...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]




At the psychiatric hospital, Jean tells Harold she’s feeling better. They kiss.

Marie urges Chief Mac to start compiling evidence re: toxic dump sites. He says it’s futile until the tribe gets federal recognition. He sees Junior watching a TV report about a hijacked pharmaceutical delivery truck.

In the back of the stolen truck, Phillip and Mike pile pharmaceuticals into bags. Phillip lights the truck on fire.

Junior apologizes to Rachel. She refuses to date him if he’s hanging out with Phillip. She mentions Brian’s cassettes and says Brian knew Phillip.

Chief Mac calls a tip into the DEA.

Harold pulls Junior over and asks about the nursing home robbery. He warns Junior to stay away from Phillip (and to wear a helmet).

Rachel tells Jean about Brian’s tapes then asks if Harold and Brian were friends. “Brian was quirky, and Harold was such a guy guy,” Jean replies.

In the hideaway cave, Junior tells Phillip of his encounter with Harold. As they sort stolen drugs, Junior discreetly sets some bottles aside.

Later, Phillip tells Harold to leave his friends alone.

At the station, Captain Warren says the DEA needs backup after receiving a tip on the pharmaceutical robbers. Harold races to Phillip’s house to warn him. Phillip narrowly escapes. Harold tells a DEA agent that the suspect punched him then gives a false description of Phillip.

Junior gives Marie cancer meds which she refuses to take because they’re stolen.

The doctor tells Jean that she has schizophrenia. Harold rejects the diagnosis. Jean says, the pills are working. The doctor discharges her.

Marie finds Phillip at her house and tells him to leave Junior alone. Phillip asks why she never visited him in jail. She says Jack withheld his whereabouts and that she was too angry.

Rachel and Kate welcome Jean home.

At a college dorm, Junior boasts to Mike that he sold all his pills. Mike brags about killing the NYU student.

Two NYPD detectives visit Harold’s house in the middle of the night. They inform him that Mike sold meth to the missing student and blame Harold for not booking Mike. Harold asks them to leave.

Phillip tells Junior he has another scheme in mind. Junior says Mike confessed to killing the missing student. Phillip calls Mike an idiot who likes to sound tough.

At the station, Harold sees the NYPD detectives at the station. He later asks a fellow officer for the evidence bag containing Brian’s belongings but is told nothing can be released without the detectives’ permission. Harold glances at Brian’s possessions, including two cassettes.

On his way from a restaurant with Mike, Phillip pulls over to urinate. Mike draws his gun, because he’s worried Phillip wants to kill him. He tells Phillip that Jack got Phillip busted in Florida. Phillip convinces Mike to lower the gun then strangles him.

Rachel listens to Brian’s tapes in bed.

In the woods, Phillip dumps Mike’s body in a sinkhole.



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