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Season 1 Episode 3

"The Woman Who Fell from the Sky"

Starring Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones), Martin Henderson (The Ring) and Julianne Nicholson (Boardwalk Empire). Jean's emotional turbulence forces Harold to move his daughters in with her parents. Junior falls further under Kopus' spell...   [button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



Phillip, Mike and Junior steal medication from a nursing home pharmacy.

Outside the station, Chief Mac leads a protest against the hit-and-run case. Captain Warren inquires about Jean. Harold says she’s in the hospital.

At school, Junior tells Rachel about the robbery and says Phillip is too smart to get caught.

At the psychiatric hospital, a doctor tells Harold that Jean’s anti-psychotics will work once they find right dosage. Jean uneasily fixates on a newspaper headline about the hit-and-run.

While searching for the missing student, Harold finds a sinkhole near the lake. Lenape hunters warn him not to touch the toxic dirt.

Phillip brings Jack a bag of pills to prove he’s earning. Jack refuses to give Phillip a free gun. For kicks, he says Marie originally wanted to abort Phillip. Phillip leaves with Jack’s dog.



Harold drives the girls to David and Sylvia’s house, explaining that he can’t watch them during the day.

Phillip lunches with Sky Van Der Veen, a lawyer and Walpole native. She invites him to dinner.



Mike tells Phillip his tipster for the pharmacy scheme wants a bigger cut. Phillip says no.

At the hospital, Jean admits to a doctor that she’s been hearing voices since her first pregnancy.

In Jean’s childhood bedroom, Rachel finds an old cassette player inside a suitcase. On a cassette, she hears the musings of Brian, Jean’s dead twin.

Junior sells pills at a bonfire party. A school bully says he’s not welcome and beats Junior up.



Marie later discovers Junior’s bruises and asks if he was with Phillip. She reveals she has cancer and implores him to behave.

Harold pulls Mike over and recognizes him as Junior’s friend. He searches Mike’s car and finds prescription pills.

David tells Rachel he tossed the suitcase. Alone, Rachel removes the cassette player from her bag.

Harold interrogates Mike at the station and tells the detective he found the pharmacy thief. He stops short when he sees Phillip, who tells Harold to release Mike. Harold reluctantly obliges.

Phillip gives Junior cash to buy a nine, not a revolver, from Jack.

After dinner, Sky tells Phillip she’s assisting the Morgans with the hit-and-run but is mainly helping Chief Mac obtain federal tribe recognition. Phillip thanks her for dinner.

Junior and Rachel stop by Jack’s apartment to buy Phillip’s gun. Jack mentions that Phillip murdered someone when he was 8. Junior insists on the nine but Jack gives him a revolver. Junior secretly swaps guns.

Junior takes Rachel to a swank hotel room. They make love.

Mike’s tipster stops by Mike’s house demanding more pills. Phillip chases him away with his growling dog. Harold, who’s been staking out Mike’s house, follows the tipster and interrogates him. The tipster admits he saw Mike sell drugs to the missing student.

The next morning, Rachel tells Junior he doesn’t owe Phillip anything. Junior tells her to shut up and accuses Jean of the hit-and-run. “Go to hell,” Rachel says. Junior abandons her.

On his front door, Phillip finds a missing-boy flyer with a note: “I know.”

At the hospital, Jean realizes she hit the Lenape boy and tells Harold she wants to report it. “You’re remembering wrong,” Harold says. She hugs him, confused.





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