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Season 1 Episode 2

"The Wolf and the Dog"

Determined to cover up the truth by any means necessary, Harold's sworn duty to protect and serve suffers in the aftermath of the accident...

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At an auto salvage yard, Harold replaces the bumper of Jean’s SUV and finds a scrap of cloth from the hit-and-run in the process.

At home, Jean tells Harold her car hit a dog and promises not to drink again, though Harold says she wasn’t drunk. She claims, Rachel told her to take his gun.

Harold calls Sylvia, Jean’s mother, and asks her to stay with Jean.

Phillip asks Marie not to report Jean to police. He says Jean, who he dated in high school, was with him when the accident happened.

At the station, Harold learns from an associate that Phillip did six years in Florida for drug trafficking.

Captain Warren tells Harold, the tribe is angry over claims that Jean’s car hit a Lenape boy who’s now in the hospital. Warren asks to photograph the car to quell accusations.

Sylvia urges Jean to think about how her behavior affects others like Jean’s father, a state senator up for re-election. Cops stop by to photograph the car. Afterwards, Jean hallucinates Rachel’s voice on the phone.

Phillip pals around with boys who witnessed the hit-and-run. He warns them against giving police statements.

At the station, Jean tells a detective she was looking for her twin brother on the night of the accident. Her lawyer says her brother is dead and postpones the interrogation.

Junior asks Marie about Phillip. Marie says she had him when she was young then emphasizes Junior and Phillip have nothing in common.

Phillip and Mike steal a prescription sheet from a hospital. Later, Phillip pays a pharmacist $200 for pills. The pharmacist pockets the cash. Phillip notices one of his father’s hired men and warns him to stop trailing him.

At Jean’s parents’ house, her father David tells Harold the tribe is accusing Jean because she’s a cop’s wife. He vows to destroy the tribe’s bid for federal recognition.

Harold looks for Phillip at Marie’s house. Marie threatens to tell the police about Jean. Harold points out, she wasn’t at the crime scene.

Phillip breaks into the pharmacist’s house and threatens violence if he doesn’t fork over 1,000 pills every Friday.

At home, Rachel says kids are pinning the hit-and-run on Jean who Harold defends before nabbing Rachel’s phone which has texts from Junior.

At a restaurant, Phillip asks Harold to help him in exchange for protecting Jean. He also claims, he got Harold’s gun from Jean.

Thanks to a tip from Phillip, Harold catches Frank (the hit-and-run victim’s father) peering in the garage. Harold lets Frank examine the car then threatens to arrest him if he returns.

Rachel and Junior make out on the school’s rooftop.

At her parents’ house, Jean hallucinates Rachel’s voice. Following the voice’s instructions, Jean leans dangerously out the window but is rescued by her father. Harold checks Jean into a psychiatric center.

Hanging out with Junior, Phillip reminisces about a high school friend then spots his father’s hired man tailing again and breaks his arm.


Clip from episode 3


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