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The Player - Season 1

The Player (NBC) Full Episode & Recap - "The Norseman"

"The Norseman"

As Detective Brown begins to unravel the mysteries of the Game, Alex finds his family caught in the path of a pagan serial killer.

Alex's (Philip Winchester) niece, Dani, makes an unexpected visit to her uncle in Las Vegas, but before they have time to reconnect, Alex is called to the House for the next bet. He must stop a pagan serial killer called the Norseman from completing a ritual sacrifice before Halloween ends. Before he leaves, Alex slips Mr. Johnson (Wesley Snipes) Ginny's phone number.

Off a tip from Detective Brown (Damon Gupton), Alex and Cassandra (Charity Wakefield) track down the Norseman to a raucous Halloween party, where the cops arrest him. Alex then goes to the police station to collect Dani, who was picked up for shoplifting. As the pair leave, the Norseman creepily eyes Alex's niece.

Meanwhile, Johnson learns that Brown and Nolan are trying to uncover Cassandra's identity. He calls his old friend Samuel Letts, a federal judge in Chicago, and asks him to use his political pull to get Agent Nolan reassigned. When Letts says that Nolan is untouchable, Johnson pays her a visit and warns her to back off.

Meanwhile, the serial killer, obsessed with completing his ritual, manages to escape from the police station, abducts Dani and takes her to his lair. Alex tracks them down, and is able to hold off the Norseman until midnight. After the clock strikes 12, the killer looks to exact revenge for his failed sacrifice. However, with the bet over, Johnson does something he never does and steps in to protect his Player and silence the Norseman for good.

After dropping Dani off with her mother, Alex returns to his apartment to find Johnson on his couch. Johnson says that he used the phone number Alex gave him to find video footage of Ginny being dragged through Miami International Airport. Alex now has a trail to follow, but Ginny could be anywhere.

The Player - Season 1

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