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The Player - Season 1

The Player (NBC) Full Episode & Recap - "Tell"


Agent Nolan makes a bold move against the House as Alex and Cassandra uncover a shocking secret about Ginny's disappearance.

Working together to find Ginny, Alex (Philip Winchester) and Cassandra (Charity Wakefield) discover Ginny's mysterious key opens a storage unit. It's a dead end though, filled with Ginny's possessions instead of clues. But a burner phone and book left for Alex by a mysterious "friend" leads them to Jack Fuller, a former U.S. Marshal who now helps fugitives disappear.

Cassandra suggests setting a bet themselves involving Fuller to see if Johnson (Wesley Snipes) gives away any involvement. Sure enough, Johnson revises the bet under false pretext. Although Alex locates Fuller, he is unable to apprehend him, and Fuller escapes onto a plane - where Johnson is waiting for him.

Meanwhile, Cassandra is kidnapped by Agent Nolan, who uses Cal (Damon Gupton) to set up an interrogation. Not intimidated, Cassandra turns the questions on Nolan before disarming her guards, taking a gun and freeing herself. Off the interrogation, Cal calls Alex angry and questioning, and although Alex warns Cal he's in danger, it's too late. Gunmen are already chasing him down. Just when Cal looks done for, Alex swoops in to save his friend and rushes him to the ER.

Enraged by what happened to Cal, Alex arrives at the House gunning for a fight. He and Johnson trade blows until Cassandra forces a truce at gunpoint. Johnson tells Alex he wasn't responsible for Cal - someone is playing them against each other. He asks Alex for help with this dangerous threat, but Alex walks away.

In an attempt to win Alex back, Johnson brings him Fuller. Alex is shocked to learn Ginny hired Fuller to help her disappear. Before Fuller was able to finish the job though, a group of men showed up, and now no one knows where Ginny is. Realizing Johnson doesn't know either, Alex tells him he has no use for Johnson or the House. He's done. Alex goes to the storage locker to read a letter Ginny left him and reminisce. But a spilled beer leads him to discover a fake wall, and on the other side... a giant cache of guns and ammunition.

The Player - Season 1

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