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The Player - Season 1

The Player (NBC) Full Episode & Recap - "Downtown Odds"

"Downtown Odds"

Johnson forms a perilous relationship with Agent Nolan as Alex tries to stop a gang war from erupting in the streets of Las Vegas.

When a semi-truck full of drugs is set ablaze, one gang blames another and takes revenge, inciting a new bet: can Alex (Philip Winchester) stop a gang war? Alex suspects the truck fire was a setup intended to spark conflict, and through a young woman named Imani, whom he protected in the last gang war, Alex learns a Croatian drug lord named Mislav set the truck fire so the rival gangs would kill each other off and create a power vacuum he could fill. Alex is able to stop the gang war by bringing Mislav to the warring gang members, but not before there are casualties on both sides, including Imani.

Meanwhile, Johnson encounters Agent Nolan again, and when Nolan says she wants to ask him a few questions, Johnson takes her to a romantic restaurant outside of town. They share a flirtatious evening, which ends with Nolan seductively telling Johnson she intends to put him away for the rest of his life.

When Johnson questions Cassandra's relationship with Nick and warns that it makes her vulnerable, Cassandra reminds him that her personal life is off limits. But after she witnesses Imani's death, Cassandra realizes she is putting Nick in danger by being with him and ends things, even though it devastates her to do so.

Off this heartbreaking choice, Cassandra comes to Alex in secret to share what she knows about Ginny. She takes Alex to Ginny's cabin, only for them to find it has been cleaned out. In an act of trust, Alex shares Ginny's mysterious key with Cassandra and asks for her help.

The Player - Season 1

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