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The Originals: Klaus Is Scary as Hell in the First Trailer for Season 3 (VIDEO)

There was a time when Klaus Mikaelson was the scariest, most terrifyingly evil thing in Mystic Falls (remember when he made a soccer ball a weapon in one of the greatest sequences The Vampire Diaries ever saw?). I don't want to say he's grown soft over the years, but I do think he's lost a little of his bite over time. If the first trailer for Season 3 of The Originals is to be believed, he might have found it again just in time for a war between the sire lines to break out.

Check out the trailer in all of its bloody glory below:

Klaus Mikaelson, ladies and gentlemen! Is "I am the thing that men fear" the new "I am the one who knocks?" Maybe not, but hooooooly moly if that didn't send shivers down my spine (in a good way, of course). Other things that sent shivers down my spine in that trailer: Elijah looking frightened with baby Hope, Davina BLEEDING FROM THE EYES, and Freya's chilling final warning. Yikes.

But hey, on the upside, Hayley's back in human form temporarily. So, yay?

The Originals returns Thursday, October 8 at 9pm on The CW.

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