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The Night Manager wins Outstanding Locations in a Contemporary TV Series for Location Managers Guild Awards (See all Winners)

On the strength of 'Rogue One,' the Royal Film Commission of Jordan was named outstanding film commission.

Courtesy of Lionsgate

Hidden Figures and La La Land were honored for outstanding locations in a period film and locations in a contemporary film, respectively, at the Location Manager Guild International Awards on Saturday at Warner Bros.' Steve J. Ross Theater.

“It’s the content that inspires us to find the locations to bring out what’s on [the writer’s page],” said Steve Beimler, accepting for La La Land. Also accepting for the L.A.-set musical, Robert Foulkes thanked especially the areas that assisted with the film, from Hermosa Beach, for use of the pier, to Griffith Park, the location for the magic hour dance.

Accepting the award for Hidden Figures, location manager Dan Gorman thanked "the women of NASA--Katherine, Dorothy and Mary," as well as director Ted Melfi, production designer Wynn Thomas and many more involved in the production.

In a tie, The Crown and Westworld were recognized for outstanding locations in a period TV series, while The Night Manager received the trophy for outstanding locations in a contemporary TV series.

On the strength of its work on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the Royal Film Commission of Jordan was named outstanding film commission.

Also during the evening, Danny Boyle was honored with the Eva Monley Award, which is named after the location scout for John Huston, David Lean and Otto Preminger and honors industry professionals that support of the work of location specialists. Boyle thanked the guild via a taped message during which he saluted the work of location managers as the "building blocks of a movie;" accepting on his behalf was Oscar-nominated production designer Guy Hendrik Dyas.

Location pro and mulltihyphenate Stuart Raven Barter (who has worked with directors including Ridley Scott, Tony Scott, and presenter Joe Pytka) receive a Lifetime Achievement Award; and location scout Lori Balton was the recipient of the Trailblazer Award, which was presented by Brad Silberling.

  • Outstanding Locations in a Period TV Series


    'The Crown'
    'The Crown'
    Robert Viglasky/Netflix

    The Crown - Pat Karam, Robert Bentley/LMGI

    Game of Thrones - Matt Jones/LMGI, Naomi Liston/LMGI

    The Man in the High Castle - Nicole Noelle Chartrand, Robert Murdoch

    Stranger Things - Tony Holley/LMGI

    Westworld - Mandi Dillin/LMGI - WINNER/TIE

  • Outstanding Locations in a Contemporary TV Series

    'The Night Manager'
    'The Night Manager'

    The Affair - Sean Ilnseher

    Better Call Saul, Season 2 - Christian Diaz de Bedoya

    Bosch - Robert Paulsen, Paul Schreiber/LMGI

    Goliath - Jason Kaplon/LMGI, Mike Barry/LMGI

    The Night Manager - Tom Howard, Daniel Sampedro Palerm - WINNER

    Scandal - Veronique Vowell/LMGI

  • Outstanding Film Commission

    'Rogue One'
    'Rogue One'
    Courtesy of Jonathan Olley/Lucasfilm Ltd.

    Creative Scotland - The BFG

    Nevada Film Office - Jason Bourne

    New Mexico Film Office - Hell or High Water/Preacher

    NY State Governor's Office of Motion Picture Development - The Girl on the Train

    Royal Film Commission of Jordan - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - WINNER

  • Outstanding Locations in a Commercial


    “Bulbs” (Macbook Pro) - David Doumeng/LMGI, Charlie Love/LMGI

    “The Carpool to Rio” (Visa) - Heather Haase/LMGI, Ron Shino, Johnny Catrolli, Rob Darwin

    “This Land is Your Land” (Johnnie Walker) - JJ Levine/LMGI, Will Brewster, Patrick Burn, Dana Hanby

    “Rally” (O Organics) - Byll Williams/LMGI, Phill Kane/LMGI

    “World’s Biggest Asshole” (PSA Donate Life) - Galidan Nauber/LMGI, Cale Hanks

  • Outstanding Locations in a Period Film

    'Hidden Figures'
    'Hidden Figures'
    Twentieth Century Fox Films

    Hacksaw Ridge - Edward Donovan

    Hail, Caesar! - John Panzarella, Leslie Thorson/LMGI

    Hidden Figures - Wes Hagan/LMGI, Dan Gorman/LMGI

    Live by Night - JJ Hook/LMGI, Laura Bryant

    Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - Mark Somner, David O'Reilly/LMGI

  • Outstanding Locations in a Contemporary Film

    'La La Land'
    'La La Land'

    Hell or High Water - Jonathan Slator/LMGI, Erik Keeling-Torrez

    Jason Bourne - Chris Moore, Peter Martorano/LMGI

    La La Land - Robert Foulkes/LMGI, Steve Beimler

    Lion - Hugo Cran, Sandeep Rudra, Harsh Dave

    Manchester by the Sea - Kai Quinlan, Alex Berard

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