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The Mysteries of Laura

The Mysteries of Laura (NBC) Full Episode & Recap - "The Mystery of the Watery Grave"

Season 2 Episode 5

"The Mystery of the Watery Grave"

When a motorcycle mob forces the wife of media mogul into the Hudson, Laura turns to a cold case to find her killer with Santiani's blessing.

After a car owned by tabloid publisher Terence Van Doren is pulled from the Hudson River, Laura Diamond (Debra Messing) identifies the presumably drowned driver as Terence's wife, Isabel (Betty Gilpin). One of Terence's reporters recently wrote an expose on motorcycle flash mobs, so Laura suspects a group of bikers ran Isabel off the road, intending to kill Terence. But the brother of Terence's first wife, Claire, believes Terence murdered Claire after a long history of abuse. Could Terence have killed Isabel, too? Through grueling detective work, Laura locates Isabel and gets her to admit she staged the crash and faked her death, saying she feared for her life. Laura vows to send Terence to jail. But first, the team needs to prove he killed Claire. With the support of Captain Nancy Santiani (Callie Thorne), Laura searches Terence's home for evidence, which eventually leads her to the Van Doren family crypt. She opens the casket of Terence's mother and finds a second skull with fractures in it - Claire's skull. The team arrests Terence for murder.

While grabbing drinks with Santiani, Laura asks her why she's been so supportive. Santiani reveals she had an abusive ex, so the case hit close to home. That same evening, Jake Broderick (Josh Lucas) asks Laura again for a second chance, this time suggesting that they try dating. When she reminds him that she's dating Tony, he replies, "May the best man win."

The Mysteries of Laura

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