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The Mysteries of Laura

The Mysteries of Laura (NBC) Full Episode & Recap - "The Mystery of the Political Operation"

 "The Mystery of the Political Operation"

Laura and Jake are caught in the crosshairs while protecting a high-profile foreign leader. Alysia Reiner and Jenna Fischer guest star.

When Santiani (Callie Thorne) assigns Laura (Debra Messing) and Jake (Josh Lucas) to dignitary protection for Carlos Hernandez (guest star James Martinez), a Cuban diplomat, Laura expects a boring day. But all that changes when Carlos' security chief is found murdered. Laura believes the murder is a sign Carlos is in danger since his security chief had been worried about an assassination attempt in the hours before his death.

Despite several threats, Carlos' important speech at the U.N. goes off without a hitch. But Laura is not convinced he's out of danger. Watching a recording of the speech, Laura sees Carlos' media consultant (guest star Alysia Reiner) put something in his water. What they first believe to be poison, Jake later realizes is medication: Carlos has the same symptoms Jake had for his heart condition. Jake and Laura learn from the media consultant that Carlos is currently receiving a heart bypass, and the team rushes to the hospital, where they are just in time to stop Carlos' assistant (and secret doctor) from killing him during the operation.

Throughout the case, ADA Jen Lambert (guest star Jenna Fischer) lends her legal expertise and even pulls off some clever maneuvers to help the team. Although Laura is less than thrilled to see Jake's potential love interest popping up everywhere, she develops a grudging respect for her and even invites her to join the team's celebration at the end of the case. Although Meredith (Janina Gavankar) and several others urge Laura to tell Jake that Tony is out of the picture, when Jake asks Laura about Tony, she demurs and instead tells Jake that he and Jen make a great match, hiding how heartbroken this truth leaves her.

The Mysteries of Laura

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