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The Mysteries of Laura

The Mysteries of Laura (NBC) Full Episode & Recap - "The Mystery of the Ghost in the Machine"

"The Mystery of the Ghost in the Machine"

After an undercover cop is killed while busting a car theft ring, Laura and the team are targeted by a dangerous hacker.

When undercover cop Jon Campbell is killed while busting a car theft ring, Laura Diamond (Debra Messing) finds a photo of him in uniform on the shooter's cell phone. But who sent the photo? Meredith Bose (Janina Gavankar) discovers that Jon's handler, who also worked with Billy Soto (Laz Alonso) when he was undercover, was hacked. Then Captain Santiani's (Callie Thorne) computer prints a barrage of Second Precinct files, including personal emails between Billy and Meredith, along with the message, "Back off or else." Laura unplugs the printer before it can print emails from Jake Broderick's (Josh Lucas) neurologist, which could put his job in jeopardy.

While tracking the hacker, Billy is nearly killed by the drug boss he targeted when he was undercover, who received a text with Billy's name, photo and precinct. Realizing the would-be killer's contact was the same guy who outed Jon, the team eventually pinpoints the hacker: a college student who doxxes people online. They ambush the hacker in class and arrest him.

As Santiani is poised to confront Billy and Meredith about their relationship, Laura interrupts. She knows why Santiani left her last post and will keep it a secret - the team watches out for each other. And no, she hasn't seen Santiani's missing printer. Afterwards, Laura and Jake finally have their dinner date - pizza and wine on top of Santiani's printer. Claiming she's through with secrets, Laura rips the innards out of the printer. But is Jake hiding the truth about his condition?

The Mysteries of Laura

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