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The Mysteries of Laura (NBC) Full Episode & Recap - "The Mystery of the Downward Spiral"

"The Mystery of the Downward Spiral"

Laura and Jake's relationship becomes a hot topic during the investigation of a perfume magnate's murder. Guest starring Jerry O'Connell.

Relations are strained between Laura (Debra Messing) and Jake (Josh Lucas) when they arrive on the scene of a perfume CEO's murder. The obvious suspect - his son and sole heir, Jon Dunham (Jerry O'Connell) - was working in the lab all night (his alibi), and after talking to him, Laura senses his grief is genuine. She and the team follow a lead to Coney Island, where they find the company's scent expert (Willie Garson) hiding out after being threatened by the in-house legal counsel (Stockard Channing). Although both have potential motives, they also have alibis.

At the precinct, Laura and Jake's relationship status is a hot topic. Meredith (Janina Gavankar) gets Laura to dish on her decision to tell the twins Tony is her boyfriend. Later, Jake admits to Billy (Laz Alonso) he messed up with Laura, and Billy encourages him to talk to her. After Meredith fills Billy in on the situation, he attempts to backpedal with Jake, who sees right through him. Billy comes clean and reveals Laura's decision. Jake acts like he is fine, but clearly, he's hurt.

Meanwhile, Laura is stymied by the lack of a prime suspect because she still believes Jon is innocent. But a search of the perfume lab proves her instincts wrong when she and Jake discover Jon's blood-covered lab coat stuffed in a vent. While on stakeout, Jake calls Laura out on what he's learned from their co-workers. They get into it, airing old grievances, but just as Jake is saying he's always believed in their relationship, Laura spots Jon and goes after him - only to be blown back by an explosion, which engulfs Jon.

In the aftermath, the team finds cocaine and a suicide note in Jon's car - clear evidence to close the case. Something is still bugging Laura though, so she takes the case files home with her. That night, fro-yo in hand, she finds what she missed. But before she can take it to the precinct, she's stopped... by Jon Dunham, in her room, pointing a gun at her.

The Mysteries of Laura

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