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The Mysteries of Laura - Season Pilot


The Mysteries of Laura - Season 1

Season 1 Episode 1


Debra Messing (“Will & Grace”) stars as Laura Diamond, a brilliant NYPD homicide detective who balances her professional day job with a crazy family life that includes unruly twin boys and a soon-to-be ex-husband (Josh Lucas) — also a cop — who just can’t seem to sign the divorce papers. Somehow, she makes it all work with the help of her sexy and understanding partner (Laz Alonso). For Laura, every day is a high-wire balancing act...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]

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The Mysteries of Laura


Laura chases a criminal through a park full of people in broad daylight. The man grabs a hostage and holds a gun to his head, Laura counts to three and gives him a chance to drop his weapon, when he doesn’t she shoots him in the ear and his blood splatters all over his hostage. The rest of the police arrive and Laura hands the shaking victim a napkin to wipe the blood off his face.

Laura arrives back at the police station and her colleagues cheer for her when she walks in the door. She takes a seat at her desk and Meredith approaches her and asks her if she discharged her weapon. Laura brags that she did discharge her weapon right into a double-homicide perp. Laura’s boss calls her in to his office and tells her that Eric Woldon, a rich and famous computer programmer is receiving death threats and he promised the chief that he would have a detective do a drive-by because his wife is scared. Laura complains that she doesn’t want to drive all the way to Bedford. Someone pops their head in to the office and tells Laura there is a “911 at Newhall” and she rushes out of the station.

Laura arrives at Newhall School and runs upstairs to find her two sons in a room splattered from floor to wall with red paint, they even painted the windows red. Laura drags her two pain smeared kids out of the building and threatens them that they are going to do hard time for this as she puts them in her car. She races homes and throws them in the bath tub and sprays them down with the shower head. She warns them that their father is going to be furious with them when he gets home as she puts their pajamas on them.

Their dad walks in the door and says, “Santa’s here!” HE gives them both a dart gun that he bought for them and Laura complains that they are supposed to be in trouble and they have to go meet with their principal tomorrow. Laura sends the boys upstairs with their new toys and Jake says she needs a hug. She notices he is wearing cologne and asks him if he has a new girlfriend, she reminds him that he needs to sign the divorce papers she sent them.

Captain Dan and Laura arrive at Eric’s mansion in Westchester, and Laura is irritated because they live in a mansion and she can’t even get cellphone service. They head inside and meet Eric and his wife DeeDee, who are having friends over for dinner. They offer Laura a glass of wine and cheesecake, and Laura sits down to eat with them. Dan drags her off so they can a sweep of the house, they corner Eric in his bedroom and ask him why he thinks someone is threatening him. He begins acting strange and tells them that should both go and kicks them out.

In the driveway Dan and Laura are discussing her divorce. Dan confesses he still wears his wedding ring, even though his wife has been dead for months now. They hear a scream from inside the mansion and run back inside, Eric is sitting in the chair where they left him…dead. The ME arrives and says that someone stabbed Eric in the neck with a syringe.

Laura sits down with DeeDee and asks her why someone would want to kill her husband. She says that people were angry with him because he wouldn’t share new technology he created for his cellphone company. Dan and his team question their dinner guests and maid. Dan tells them to put a tail on DeeDee, their lawyer Richard, and Eric’s brother.

Laura and Jake head to Newhall the next morning and meet with their son’s principal. He announces that the boys are expelled and no longer welcome at pre-school. Laura panics and asks Jake where they are supposed to send their kids while they are at work, Jake thinks everything will work out. Laura has no choice but to take the boys to the police station with them. When she arrives there is a break in Eric’s murder, his brother Brad has been arrested for fraud and assault multiple times. Billy says that he seen Brad last night “stalking around the pool house on his cell phone.” Laura is confused because there was no cell phone service, but the smartphone that Eric designed offers “unprecedented cell phone service.” Laura and Billy think that Brad might have killed Billy and stolen his cell phone design to sell to another company.

Billy and Laura head to an exclusive club to track down Brad. After changing in to swimsuits they head inside and decide to go undercover. They spot Brad exchanging a smart phone with a guy for an unmarked envelope and Billy makes his move and takes down the buyer and Laura takes Bra din to custody. They are shocked to see that he sold the phone for only $2500.00. Brad explains that he needed the money to cover a football debt, but he never would have hurt his brother. He argues that his brother Eric is no saint, and reveals that Eric was cheating on his wife DeeDee, and DeeDee caught him in bed with another woman before he was murdered.

Billy tracks down DeeDee where she is eating lunch with her lawyer Richard. He demands to know who Eric’s mistress is, but DeeDee says she has no idea she has only seen him from behind.

Laura is busy trying to find a pre-school that will take her sons in the middle of the semester. She goes through parking lots at schools and runs all of the teacher’s license plates. She finds a cheerleading coach with marijuana possession and unpaid parking tickets. She blackmails her and tells her that if she gets her kid in to the school she won’t arrest her.

The medical examiner reveals that they found mercury in Eric’s body and whoever the killer is that handled the mercury would have have traces of the mercury in their bodily fluid. Laura calls DeeDee in to the station to give her Eric’s personal affects. DeeDee sobs that she and Eric had just made up and were renewing their pre-nup and calling off their divorce. Laura buys DeeDee’s story and thinks that she is being genuine and there is no way she killed Eric. But, she saves the tissue that DeeDee cried in to to have it tested for mercury.

Laura blows up Jake’s phone and tells him that she landed them an interview with a new school and they will be at their house in ten minutes and Jake has to be there. Laura gets dressed and drugs her kids with cough syrup to calm them down. The teacher arrives and Jake shows up late for the interview. It isn’t going smoothly, the boys are half asleep on the couch, and Jake announces that they don’t live together anymore. One of the boys shoots a dart at the teacher. The other boy complains that he has a belly ache from the cough syrup he had for dinner and throws up on the floor. The teacher says that this isn’t going to work out, and as she is leaving Jake yells that she is a “snobbish pre-k Nazi queen.” Laura cries that she is a horrible mother, and Jake reassures her that he will make a few phone calls and straighten all of this out.

Laura heads to the station the next day, and Billy has found evidence of Eric’s affair. They found out what hotel he took the mistress to, and think if they go there they can find out who he was having an affair with. Dan announces that the results are in and DeeDee tested positive for mercury, he tells her that the case is closed and she needs to go pick DeeDee up after the funeral.

Laura tells Billy to come to the hotel with her and humor her. They find a maid at the hotel who is wearing the mistresses’ ring, she says that they left it behind in the room and never called for it. But, she has no idea who the mistress was, because she and Eric were “very private.” Laura heads out on the hotel’s room and announces to Billy that she knows who killed Eric and it wasn’t DeeDee.

Dan heads to the funeral and interrupts to arrest DeeDee, Laura and Billy arrive and tell Dan that DeeDee didn’t kill her husband. Laura takes the podium at the funeral and announces that her boss Dan is the one who killed Eric. She realized that the woman he was having an affair with was Dan’s wife, and it was her ring in the hotel. Dan knew that Eric had an affair with his wife, and he faked the test results to make it appear that DeeDee had handled the mercury. Dan must have injected the syringe in to Eric’s neck right before they walked out of the house.

Dan screams for Laura to go to hell and tries to make a run for it, but Billy tackles him. He stands up and pulls a gun on Laura, he tries to shoot her but unbeknownst to him Laura took all of the bullets out of his gun. They take Dan in to custody.

Laura heads back to the police station, and her soon to be ex-husband Jake is waiting for her. He gives her a bag full of school uniforms and reveals that he got the kids in to pre-school. The Sargent arrives and announces that he has hired their new Captain…it’s Laura’s husband Jake, she is shocked that he is her new boss.

Synopsis is courtesy of  Amanda Austin/
The Mysteries of Laura

The Mysteries of Laura

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