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Season 1 Episode 8

"Two Sailors Walk Into a Bar..."

With Chandler and Tex caught in a dangerous situation, Slattery has to step into the role as commanding officer. Torn between a mission with the fate of the world at stake and a Captain (and friend) in danger, Slattery has to find a way to get his people back without losing the most important asset: the vaccine prototype...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



Commander Tom Chandler and Tex are brought, sunburned, handcuffed and exhausted, onto the Russian ship.

Chandler is concerned when Tex is taken away.

Tom is then dragged in to see Admiral Ruskov and Quincy Tophet's wife, Kelly, and daughter, Eva. Tom generously tells Eva that her dad misses her very much and tried very hard to be there himself.

Ruskov asks Chandler about Dr. Scott's research, but all he'll give is his name rank and serial number.

On the USS Nathan James, XO Mike Slattery and CMC Jeter wonder if they'll be hearing from the Russians soon.

In her lab, Dr. Rachel Scott explains to the rescued Jamaican girl, Patrice, how she's immune and how that could help make a vaccine.

Will Mason comes to meet Patrice after hearing her distress call on the radio.

On the bridge, Admiral Ruskov hails Slattery, demanding Dr. Scott and all her work in exchange for Chandler and Tex.

After Chandler is allowed to say he's there, Ruskov gives Slattery 10 minutes to get back to him or he'll torture Chandler and torch the ship. Slattery hangs up, hoping they were able to trace the call.

In the lab, Dr. Scott excitedly examines her vaccine in the monkey's blood. It's working.

On the bridge, Lt. Danny Green is suggesting a rescue operation for Chandler. Dr. Scott interrupts to announce she has the vaccine -- the last monkey survived.

She suggests they give her to Ruskov like he asked, since her work is done and he won't stop chasing them otherwise.

When Ruskov gets word that the Americans have agreed, he wants to have Dr. Scott taken by just a driver to a spot out of radar range where the Russian helicopter will pick her up.

Chandler is brought down to a holding facility and put in a cage with Tex, who is bloodied. Chandler tells Tex he expects Slattery will be coming for them.

Back on the USS Nathan James, Cossetti helps Lt Green come up with a plan to plant an explosive in a key part of the Russian ship.

Lt. Burk briefs Dr. Scott on how to use a gun and silencer that he hides in her research equipment. She tells Quincy that if anything happens to her, he should finish what they started.

Slattery tells Dr. Scott what she's doing is very brave and he's proud to know her.

Dr. Scott is brought aboard the Russian ship. She throws her life jacket on the deck when ordered and submits to a pat down. They look in her case, but don't find the gun.

On the James, they track the transponder in Dr. Scott's lifejacket.

Dr. Scott is brought to see Ruskov, who says she won't do any work until she gets to see Chandler and Tex. When they are brought in, Dr. Scott rushes to Chandler and kisses him deeply.

Dr. Scott is brought to the Russian lab and meets Neil Sorenson, behind his plastic bubble. She realizes he's the one who inserted the human genome in the virus, weaponizing it. He explains he succeeded in making himself immune, but he didn't realize he also made himself a carrier. He's patient zero.

Dr. Scott is horrified that he never came forward when he saw what was happening and notes that he killed 4 billion people. Sorenson excitedly tries to explain that with her primordial strain he can fix it now, but she tells him his changes to it made it so that doesn't work.

He's incredulous, then crushed when she tells him she already made a vaccine. Dr. Scott storms out.

Back in their cages, Tex is busy being sore that Dr. Scott kissed Chandler and not him, then Chandler reveals the reason for the kiss -- Dr. Scott passed him a note with a location on the ship and a time, along with a razor blade. All they have to do is get out of their cage and past a few guards.

Dr. Scott comes back to Sorenson with Ruskov, who is angry that he kept Sorenson alive when Dr. Scott found the vaccine without him. Ruskov grabs one of his own men to be thrown in with Sorenson and exposed, but makes Rachel inject him with her vaccine first. She debates getting her gun, but the timing isn't right.

Lt. Green leads a RIB toward the Russian ship under cover of darkness.

Ruskov drops in on Tex and Chandler in their cage and lords over the fact that with the vaccine, he has the most valuable commodity in the world. Ruskov says he plans to kill them if the vaccine works -- or they can join forces.

Chandler responds with his name, rank and serial number.

On the James, Slattery picks up the microphone to address the crew: "So, two sailors walk into a bar...And they both walk out. We will get our captain back."

As the hour approaches, Chandler calls the guard over and tells him he has to go to the bathroom. When the guard gets close, they grab him through the cell opening and hold him close, while Tex slits his throat with the razor blade.

Tex and Chandler make their way into the hallway, quietly taking out two guards and taking their weapons.

In the lab, Sorenson taunts Dr. Scott and the infected man, Dimitryi, skeptical about the vaccine working.

At the meeting spot, Chandler and Tex rendezvous with Burk and two other men and work their way through the ship, meeting up with Cossetti and Lt. Green, who plant the explosive and head for the extraction point. First Chandler makes a detour to pick up Kelly and Eva. Two of the team escort the Tophets to the extraction point while the rest of the team heads for the lab and Dr. Scott.

On the Russian bridge, they have realized some of the crew is down. They hold off sounding the alarm and stay off the radios to avoid alerting Chandler and the Americans. Ruskov sends someone for Dr. Scott.

When he comes for her, she says she needs to give Dimitryi the send part of his vaccine and then goes in her case to put the silencer on the gun. She fumbles for it and can't get it, so she takes the gun out and shoots the man anyway -- first in the shoulder, then straight through the forehead. She desperately wants to kill Sorenson, too, but he points out that if she fires through the plastic she'll infect the whole ship, including herself.

Cossetti waits for the right moment then detonates the explosive they've planted throughout the ship. The ship loses propulsion and no one answers the captain's call in the engine room because they're all dead.

Ruskov expects the rescue operation on the stern of the ship and orders the ship covered. Chandler and his team reach the door and are about to go through -- where armed Russians are waiting on the other side. But Chandler realizes the Russians have to have found their cell empty by now, and the fact that they haven't sounded the alarm means that they're waiting for them. The Americans pull back to a second extraction point and Ruskov splits up his men to find the rescue boat. Cossetti and the Tophets reach the rescue boat and start down the ladder.

As they cross the deck, Chandler and Burk take fire from te Russians above. Lt. Green and Tex return fire and take out the Russians.

Inside the ship, another explosive goes off and Ruskov starts to lose it. He orders the engines full speed ahead and arms their weapons.

Chandler, Scott, Tex, Burk and Green each the rescue boat and start to board as the Russian find them and start firing from above. The two sides exchange fire, and Lt. Green detonates another explosion. The crew runs for safety as Dr. Sorenson, dressed like a crew member, walks among them. More explosions go off on the ship as the entire rescue crew speeds away.

Lt. Green is particularly proud of Cossetti for crippling the ship with the well-placed explosives, but then they realize that Cossetti was hit. He slumps over.

Back on the ship, Quincy has a tearful reunion with his wife and daughter.

Chandler, Tex, and the rescue party return and Lt. Green solemnly carries Cossetti's body on board.


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