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Season 1 Episode 7


After picking up a distress call near Jamaica, Chandler and a small team stage a rescue attempt. But a surprise attack leaves Chandler and Tex stranded at sea. Slattery and the crew search desperately to find their lost at sea Captain and his comrade, hoping to do so before their enemies beat them to it...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



Oslo, Norway

Six Months ago The scientist we know is working on the Russian ship meet with his professor mentor, warning him about a spreading disease. The young scientist wants to try a risky experiment that the professor thinks is crazy, then the scientist confesses he already tried it on himself and it worked.

The professor leaves quickly, tell the man he's lost his mind. Then the scientist's wife arrives. She kisses him hello then talks about her jet setting travels. And she thinks she's coming down with something.

Back on the Russian ship, Captain Ruskov asks the scientist where Dr. Scott would have gone to test her vaccine. He knows she would need monkeys, but can only suggest Central America. The scientist is being fed well, but kept in isolation. His food tray is irradiated when he's done with it.

On the Nathan James, Dr. Scott tells Commander Chandler she's finally identified the mystery gene in the virus -- it's human. It means the virus adapts quickly and is 10 times more lethal. She only has two monkeys left.

Cossetti wanders around the ship and gets the cold shoulder from the crew after planning to leave.

XO Slattery checks on Lt. Danny Green, who's recovering from Dengue fever. Slattery lets him know he has to be punished for his relationship with Kara Foster, so he's been assigned two weeks of night watch -- and the crew has to know why he's being punished.

In the comm room, Mason hears a distress call that catches his ears. He takes it to Chandler. He heard her call three weeks ago when there were 50 people on her boat, a week ago there were 15. Now the 18 year old Jamaican girl is the only one left. Dr. Scott thinks she might be naturally immune and could help her research. Slattery thinks it could be a trap. But Mason argues that they should help her.

Against Slattery's advice, Chandler gets on the radio and identifies himself as Joe Brown and asks her to read her GPS to him. He tells her they're on their way.

Meanwhile, on the Russian ship, they heard the same transmission and think the "fishing boat" could be the Americans. They decide to head in the area, but stay out of radar range.

Two crews get ready to head for Patrice's boat. Green gives Cossetti a pep talk about representing his team well.

Slattery monitors from the bridge. The crews aren't wearing locator beacons so that no one else can pick them up. And the Nathan James can't transmit under any circumstances, out of risk of giving away their position.

Meanwhile, the Russian Zodiac boats are also approaching.

Chandler and the two crews put on their masks and board Patrice's boat. They don't see any signs of people and Patrice doesn't answer when they call for her. Chandler, Cossetti and Tex head down to the hold and find dead bodies floating in the water. On the Nathan James, Slattery gets worried. They pick up the Zodiacs on the radar.

Slattery gets a helicopter ready to take off and the crews see the Russians approaching. They finally find Patrice hiding below deck and get her on a RIB. Cossetti trips on his way to the RIB and Chandler takes off without him, telling him to take the other boat.

Chandler and Tex head out to create a diversion, firing at the Zodiacs. They take a lot of fire as they zoom around evading the Russians and firing. Finally Tex takes them out with the .50 cal gun, but their RIB is sinking. Chandler and Tex put on masks and dive.

On the CIC, Gator tries to determine where the Russian boat is. Slattery brings Quincy Tophet up to CIC to translate any Russian transmissions. Quincy is cooperative, asking only that Slattery kill Ruskov when it's over.

In the water, Chandler estimates they're 10 miles from Patrice's ship, but close to the Russians. He has a radio, but doesn't call the Nathan James for help. Instead he orders them to cease rescue operations and signs off his "final transmission."

He didn't want to risk the ship and tells Tex they have to swim for a reef that's five miles away.

Back on the ship, Slattery is having a hard time following the captain's order.

Lt. Green finds Cossetti in the hallway and asks him to try to remember what direction the Russians were coming from so they can try to find the captain. The helicopter can't go back out once it runs out of fuel because it could be tracked, so they only have until it returns to find the captain. Cossetti can't think of anything.

On the Russian ship, Captain Ruskov forces Tophet's wife and daughter to eat dinner with him. She doesn't understand why she's not more grateful for him taking care of her needs. She grits her teeth and reminds him she's taken care of his.

Ruskov gets word of Chandler's order to cease rescue operations and order the drone sent to look for him.

Mason picks up the drone frequency and Slattery gives the order to turn on the radar long enough to take out the drone.

From the water, Chandler and Tex see the drone closing in on them and then a fireball as it's hit. Tex is thrilled, Chandler is annoyed by the risky move.

On the Russian ship, they report that the Americans didn't have their radar on long enough to track, but Ruskov isn't bothered. Now they know the Americans will do anything to save Chandler, which Ruskov thinks makes the Americans even more vulnerable.

Down in the lab, Dr. Scott draws Patrice's blood. She apologizes for making it hard for the crews to find her when they came. When the virus came there were stories of men in suits coming to kill the sick, so she was scared.

In the water, Tex admits to Chandler that the only reason he came out on the mission was to impress Rachel.

In the lab, Dr. Scott determines that Patrice really is immune to all forms of the virus.

In CIC, they figure out that Chandler might be heading for the reef. But the helicopter is almost out of fuel.

In the water at night, Chandler confesses he's afraid to never see his wife and kids again.

On the ship, Lt. Green finds Cossetti beating himself up over not doing better on the mission. Green assures him split second decisions are part of the job.

On the Nathan James, Quincy picks up the Russians saying they think the Americans drowned. Slattery orders one more helicopter pass in zig zag formation to make it harder to track. Dr. Scott joins everyone in CIC for the search.

They watch at the helicopter night vision picks up two bodies in the water. Tex immediately starts waving.

"Don't tell me- you're pissed at Slattery now," Tex says.

He insists the captain be picked up first.

Meanwhile, back on the Nathan James, they see the two bodies in the water are dead. They weren't looking at Chandler and Tex.

Chandler is hauled onto the helicopter -- it's the Russians.


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