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Season 1 Episode 4

"We'll Get There"

Days after a trying series of events at Gitmo, Chandler and his crew are put under extreme duress when the ship's propulsion system suffers a catastrophic event. With Dr. Scott in danger of losing all her research on the virus and a crew overworked, overtired and desperately low on drinking water, Chandler's leadership and ingenuity are put to the test...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



At home with his family, Tom Chandler gets the orders for his Arctic mission. His son Sam gives him a photo of the two of them, his daughter Ashley gives him a bead bracelet.

Cut to the present, on the ship. It's Tom's anniversary and he's alone in the radio room, wondering if his wife will try to get through on the ham radio his dad has at his cabin. XO Mike Slattery drops in. He managed to reach his wife when they broke radio silence and learned his son Lucas was dead. "There's still a chance, Mike, for all of us," tom says.

On the deck, a bunch of crew play basketball. Miller tries to put one up over Birk, who easily swats it away, and over the side of the ship.

They're heading to Costa Rica so Dr. Scott can get primates to test her vaccine on.

Lt. Chung notices a leak in the engine and order Lynn and O'Connor to fix it.

Lt. Danny Green shows Tex around the boat. When they run into Kara Foster, Tex voices his approval. Danny tells him no fraternizing.

In her lab, Dr. Scott succeeds in sequencing all three strains of the virus, primordial, Egyptian and from the cruise ship. She tells Chandler she needs Quincy's help analyzing it. Chandler is hesitant, but she tells him she can't do it alone.

When she goes to Quincy, he's nasty and judgmental, saying the virus is the best thing that ever happened to her since she lost no one and gets to save the world. She reminds Quincy that everyone on the ship lost someone, but they've found a way to keep going. She calls him a coward and storms out.

She leaves it to Chandler to find a way to get Quincy to cooperate. But suddenly the lights flicker. The power goes out.

Chung goes to investigate but a fire breaks out. Chandler goes to check. The fire is out, but the sea water filters were knocked off when they squeezed out of the coral at Guantanamo. They're down to one generator. Chandler tells Chung to divert everything to Dr. Scott to keep her samples cool.

Chandler and Slattery check in. It's a 100 degree day, but they suspend everything they can. Chandler tells him about Quincy.

Slattery visits Quincy, telling him he used to be a homicide detective on Chicago's South Side. Then he mentions keelhauling, the old way sea captains punished uncooperative sailors, by dragging them under the hull. But Slattery says he never found torture that effective, instead he prefers to lay out the facts and let a person try to redeem themselves. Quincy says he wants sunlight, and someone good at chess to play with.

Chung visits Chief Engineer Andrea Garnett in sickbay to pick her brain. She gives him a pep talk.

Slattery brings Quincy to Dr. Scott, and although they're extremely cool to each other, he can quickly tell the issue.

Chung tells Chandler he'll need a week or ten days to fix everything. In the meantime, they can't make fresh water and they can only run the engines one hour out of every six without them overheating.

Chandler and Slattery conference with Gator and Alisha Granderson to figure out their next move, Costa Rica will have to wait. Gator tells them the nearest island is six days away. Slattery orders search teams out to look for land or abandoned ships. They'll run out of water in three days.

On the deck, Miller works to turn beer into water. They have stills to try to convert the sea water into fresh.

They turn the engine on for the hour they're allowed and hold their breath. At the end of the hour, the engine is as hot as they can let it get.

In the lab, Quincy announces to Rachel that he's finished.

On deck, Chandler remembers telling his kids to think of him when they look at the night sky and know he's looking at the same stars.

Dr. Scott drops by with celebratory tea: she has a prototype vaccine to test.

At the end of an engine cycle, there's bad news from the lab. The last generator blew.

Down in the lab, Dr. Scott reminds everyone that if her lab coolers get above 41 degrees, everything will be lost. Chung suggests tossing it in the ocean. They're in the tropics, so it'll have to be deep. He's confident they can rig something to deal with the pressure. But they won't be able to move, and that means they run out of water. Chandler gets an idea of way to cool the lab by spinning the propellers.

Chung rigs a case for Dr. Scott's work and they lower it down. Slattery points out to Chandler that every hour they don't move, they put the crew more at risk of dying of dehydration. Chandler says the barometer is dropping and they should get enough wind to make the propellers spin. The case hits bottom and registers at a safe 40 degrees.

But the air is completely still. Chandler gets nervous. Jeter tells him a story about a car accident he caused, killing his wife and daughters. He was in the ICU for 82 days and coded seven times. He tells Chandler he had faith there was a reason he was spared. And now that faith has turned to certainty that Chandler is there to lead them. He reminds Chandler listen to his instincts.

Everyone waits for wind in their own way. Jeter leads a prayer circle, Dr. Scott reviews her work.

Chandler sees flags start to move. He calls for the chutes to be launched. They shoot them into the air like giant t-shirt guns and slowly the propellers start to move. The lab is cooled again and they retrieve Rachel's samples.

Mason sends out a radio call. They have no radar and are on day two without water. The crew is passing out left and right.

Dr. Scott feeds water to the downed crew members. Kara Foster comes to join Danny. Tex watches them and figures out what's going on.

Up on the bridge, Granderson sees seagulls, and they see a small island in the distance.

Later, the crew relaxes on the beach, playing and chugging water. Back on the ship, Chandler brings Chung pineapple and water from the island. He has the auxiliary power fixed, but feels guilty about letting the fire break out. Chandler assures him everyone is finding their way.

On the beach, Dr. Scott evades Tex's advances. Danny thinks about talking to Kara, but holds off when he sees her talking to Birk. Granderson sings around the campfire for everyone.

On ship, Quincy gets a visit from a very angry Bacon (he works in the galley), his chessmate.

Chandler listens to transmissions in the radio room. Dr. Scott comes by and thanks him for believing in her.


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