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Season 1 Episode 3

"Dead Reckoning"

The James faces off against a new foe who demands Chandler hand over Rachel and her research. When Chandler refuses, he and his crew are put to the test as Chandler engages in a series of risky strategic moves. But it turns out their new enemy has his own horse in the race to find a cure for the virus...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]

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The former Russian Vice Admiral Constantine Ruskov introduces himself and demands the primordial strain of the virus and Dr. Scott. Chandler denies any knowledge of them. Chandler asks someone to get him a book from his room, the one in Russian -- it was written by Ruskov. Ruskov warns him about his ship's nuclear capabilities, and Chandler suggests they meet face to face somewhere.

Chandler talks to Dr. Scott, as Dr. Tophet listens in. Chandler wants to know if someone could make the vaccine using the strain. He asks to borrow Dr. Tophet.

Slattery doesn't like the idea of Chandler going on land, but Ruskov is a naval tactical genius and Chandler thinks he needs to look him in the eye.

Burk, Green, Tex and a few others go meet Ruskov and his men in an abandoned bar. Tophet tests the Russian's block and says he's not infected.

On the ship, Slattery and Jeter see the Russians laying mines around the bay.

Ruskov tells Chandler he has the last Russian war ship. He describes how awful it was during the four months Chandler and his men were in the Arctic, 60 million Chinese died in three days. Ruskov says the world is not worth saving and that Dr. Scott won't be able to make the vaccine without an ingredient that only he has. Tophet takes note.

Chandler offers Ruskov a sample of the primordial strain, but he rejects it. Tophet offers to go with him, but Ruskov says it has to be Dr. Scott.

Ruskov is happy to wait them out in the bay, with 25 years worth of nuclear fuel. Chandler asks what they'll do for food. As a demonstration, Ruskov asks for a gun from one of his men, then shoots his one man in the head and concludes: "One less mouth to feed."

Chandler and Slattery meet with Gator about finding a way out of the bay. Chandler realizes Ruskov was using the meeting with him to strengthen his own position. He tells Green to work with Tex on a tactial solution.

Then Chandler checks in with Dr. Scott to follow up on what Ruskov said about the missing ingredient. She says he's bluffing.

In the lab, Tophet puts a tray of the samples in a case.

On deck at night, Jeter and Granderson can hear the Russians having a party across the bay. Granderson mentions she was two days away from shore leave when a last minute change of orders put her on the USS Nathan James.

Gator suggests using a canal to escape the bay, but it's lined with coral. Tex suggests using weapons on Guantanamo to blast it clean. Chandler orders it scouted first, knowing Ruskov will expect them to look for a way out.

Bercham and Smith take a submersible into the bay and report back on what they find, but then the team back on the ship watches in horror as a Russian team in a raft drives up on them and shoots them.

Chandler angrily radios Ruskov and tells him to watch as his ship shoots near the raft, dumping the men but sparing their lives. Chandler cites it as a warning, then in Russian, so Ruskov's men can understand, mentions that Ruskov killed his own men to make a point and asks if he's ready to let three more die.

When Ruskov threatens to sink Chandler, Chandler challenges him, saying his ship was built to fight.

Chandler lets Ruskov listen as his ship takes aim at the men in the raft. Ruskov relents and agrees to back out of the harbor, giving Chandler 24 hours to comply with his demands.

Late at night, Dr. Scott is surprised to find Dr. Tophet holding a gun on her. He marches her onto the deck and orders her to jump into a waiting raft. She's standing in shock when someone on watch sees him. Dr. Scott runs and Quincy follows her. They end up in the galley, where Quincy is quickly outnumbered by the ship's crew. He takes out a sample of the virus and threatens to take off the cap as Dr. Scott attempts to talk him down. He tells her the Russians won't hurt her, but she has to come with him. Chandler arrives and watches as Dr. Scott calmly approaches him, telling him he's not a murderer. She finally gets close enough to safely take the vial out of his hand and the men quickly grab him.

Later, Dr. Scott is at a loss. She knows Quincy studied in Russian years ago and has friends there, but he's been her partner for 10 years.

Slattery questions Tophet, who says his daughter and wife are prisoners on the Russian ship. During the outbreak, Tophet went against orders and shared information on the virus with a Russian friend named Sergey, in the hopes of collaborating for a cure. He was in contact with him until two weeks before they were attacked on the ice, when he called and Ruskov answered.

Tophet begs them to help his family. He was supposed to take Rachel and the samples to a boat waiting on the other side of the beach.

Chandler tells the officers the plan to blast their way through the coral in the canal and squeeze the ship through while Ruskov is distracted. Chandler enlists Lt. Kara Foster for the mission, because they need a woman. Lt. Green objects to her going due to her lack of experience (and because she's his secret girlfriend), and requests permission to go along.

In the middle of the night, they wait for high tide. On the bridge, Slattery addresses the crew. To avoid Russian radar, they're going to make the pass without radar or sonar, trying to avoid the coral on either side that could rip their hull apart.

On the Russian ship, Ruskov addresses his men, some of whom look dubious.

Green drives the RIB over to the beach with Foster.

Gator and Granderson prepare to navigate by dead reckoning.

Out on the dock, Jeter and Miller tape sheets of tinfoil, which will reflect light the ship to the Russians (because the Nathan James has low reflectivity).

They switch all their systems off. There's a brief radar flicker on the Russian's screen, but then everything looks normal.

The USS Nathan James begins its slow, secret, stealthy escape. They have to wait to see the blast from Green and Foster before they blow the coral for their escape.

The Russians see the RIB approaching and think it's Tophet and Scott. Green arms missiles on the RIB as they approach.

The ship waits for the explosion as they approach the coral.

As they're approaching the ship, Green kills the RIB's engines, telling Foster to jump out of the ship. The delay makes the ship nervous as they approach the coral, but Foster gets him to keep going.

With the James 15 seconds away from the coral, Green speeds up the RIB and Foster starts shooting. The Russians realize it's not the doctors and start firing. But Green grabs Foster and they dive overboard, letting the RIB crash into the Russian's hull.

Chandler fires the torpedoes at the coral and they hold their breath and hope to make it through the narrow opening.

They squeeze through with some good scrapes, but no damage. They go to pick up Foster and Green.

On the Russian ship, they have hull damage and a dozen dead. Ruskov realizes the American have already left.

Back on board, Green is angry at himself for nearly compromising the mission out of concern for Foster, realizing this is why there are rules against fraternizing. "I love you! Stay away from me!" he shouts.

Chandler drops in on Tophet, who is handcuffed to a bed. Tophet blames him for leaving his wife and daughter on board, but Chandler says it's his own fault for working with the Russians and not asking for help.

Back on Ruskov's ship, the Admiral checks in on his own scientist (possibly Tophet's friend Sergey).


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