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Season 1 Episode 2

"Welcome to Gitmo"

Chandler and his crew head to the U.S. Military base at Guantanamo Bay in hopes of collecting food, medical supplies and fuel replenishments. Three teams are dispatched to carry out these varied tasks. While there, they come under attack by escaped Gitmo prisoners and enlist the help of a grizzled private contractor who's been surviving for weeks and living off the land...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]

Inside The Episode



From the lab, Dr. Quincy Tophet talks to his Russian contacts, who tell him to try to stall the ship at Gitmo.

Later, Quincy points out all the supplies they need from Gitmo and notes to Dr. Scott that she's exhausted -- he offers to make the trip.

Up on the bridge, they run drills to get tactical teams ready to go into Gitmo. Ensign Miller is nervous and inept.

In the radio room, Lt. Alisha Granderson tells the crew members to monitor everything and keep records, but under no circumstances should they give away their position.

Slattery checks in with the chief engineer, Andrea Garnett, who tells him the cruise ship oil is terrible for their engines. Slattery wants to rest a few engines, but Chandler has ordered flank speed all the way to Guantanamo.

Foster tries to talk to her hook-up Danny Green, but he's angry about the death of Frankie Benz on the Italian ship and the probable death of everyone they love. In the radio room they hear anonymous pleas for help.

At night on the bridge, they hold a vigil for all the family members whose fates' they don't know.

In the lab, Dr. Scott gives the officers a rundown on the virus, including that it can be caught from a corpse. She thinks the incubation period is three to five days, but when Green asks, Dr. Scott tells him Admiral Halsey the dog is immune.

Slattery needles Dr. Scott with question, trying to poke holes in her theories or look for weakness. After, Chandler pulls Slattery aside for an attitude check. Slattery is having a hard time dealing with the fact Dr. Scott knew what was going on and they weren't even told to notify their families.

"She's got a long way to go before she earns my trust, that's all," Slattery says. "I'm going to ask you one time and one time only: Are you with me?" Chandler asks.

Slattery says he is. "You really think she can do this?" Slattery says. "She's the only hope we've got," says Chandler.

Off the coast of Guantanamo, a team helicopters over, but they see no sign of the 9,000 people who were stationed there. Garnett will lead a team to the fuel depot, Chandler to the food warehouse, and Green to the hospital.

"Something about this doesn't feel right, stay frosty," Slattery says.

Quincy is annoyed with Rachel for insisting on going on the mission, but Chandler sides with him and says they can't risk either doctor.

The teams take speed rafts to land. They creep around the abandoned camp with their masks off to conserve air.

Dr. Scott goes up to CIC, where she can tell Green what she needs via video. She gets a cool reception from the crew.

At the fuel depot, they go looking for a missing piece.

Nervous Miller gets spooked by a bird and opens fire, earning a dressing down from Burk.

On the ship, Dr. Tophet goes looking for something to sabotage but is interrupted by Doc Rios.

Green leads a team through the hospital and Kara Foster watches what her boyfriend is seeing. He won't talk about what he saw on the cruise ship.

Garnett's team finishes the repair to the fuel line and begins fueling the ship.

Dr. Scott directs Green to the things she needs from the lab.

Having not encountered anyone, Chandler leads his team to the food. They see a humvee with a dead body in it and Chandler calls for them to put on masks. Suddenly a man comes running, holding his gun over his head, shouting that he's an American and warning them to get back. They duck as the humvee explodes.

Chandler radios back for the ship to prepare to fire as the stranger shouts that he's a friendly. Chandler warns the other teams there are IEDs. Dr. Tophet listens anxiously from CIC.

The stranger, Tex Nolan, walks toward them with his arms up, insisting he's on their side. He's wearing army gear and tells Chandler the attack came from the 14 Al Qaida members remaining. They're all healthy because they were in a high security area. He's a private military contractor. There were six guards when the camp was evacuated. They let the prisoners go, but they turned on their captors. Now they're aiming rocket launchers at the ship.

Slattery radios Garnett to stop pumping fuel.

In the hospital, Green's team is all low on oxygen, but urges them to finish grabbing what they need for the vaccine.

The fuel team can't get the valve to turn off and the come under fire. Garnett is hit in the leg with shrapnel as they take on other fire.

Slattery scrambles to find something to fire at from the ship before the insurgents can blow the fuel line. They launch a missile from the ship and take out all the attackers. Doc Rios heads in from the ship to treat Garnett.

Tex briefs Chandler on the fight he expects from the men holding the food. Tex finds one of his men, dead, strung up on the gate.

In the hospital, Green leads his team to the exit, but stops when the dog barks. They find the door looked and are quickly fired on. They all have less than five minutes or air and are surrounded by dead, infected bodies.

Tex and Chandler enter the food warehouse. It seems empty, but they begin taking on fire from above. Burk and the team fire back, taking out a few.

Green's team heads to the roof to rappel down, leaving Green and his dog inside. From above, they provide cover as Green blasts the door and comes out firing. With all the insurgents taken out, Green gets his dog and the team starts to head back to the ship. But one of the attackers is only wounded and fires on a member of the team, Cruz. With Doc Rios at the fueling station working on Garnett, Dr. Scott cites her trauma ward experience and gets Slattery's permission to go on land.

Back in the food warehouse, Tex fends off an attacker with a knife, turning it the attacker.

Green's men bring the wounded Cruz to the shore for Dr. Scott to treat. She removes the bullet in his side and stabilizes him by closing off the bleeding artery.

In the warehouse, three of the insurgents grab Tex hostage. Chandler tries to talk to their leader, Amir. When Slattery radios from the ship, Chandler talks to Amir and Slattery back on the ship, telling him covertly where to direct his fire.

Slattery blows up a corner of the warehouse, providing the needed distraction for Chandler's team, including Burk and nervous Miller, to shoot the remaining three insurgents.

Chandler invites Tex to join them on the ship.

Back on the ship, Slattery reports to Chandler that they have enough food for five or six weeks and 96 percent full tank of fuel.

Tophet gets nervous that the ship is preparing to leave and says one of his machines was knocked over and he needs three or four hours to recalibrate it before the ship leaves. Dr. Scott is down in medical and not there to contradict him.

They pick up a ship on their radar. Chandler reaches them on radio and they identify themselves as a British Naval vessel.

Down in medical, Dr. Scott has stabilized Cruz and impressed Green. Chandler points out she has nothing to prove. Tex is charmed by her.

Burk sits down with Miller, who is reeling from having shot someone, and offers him a potato chip.

Kara Foster checks in on Danny Green, who finally breaks down in her arms.

As the British vessel approaches, Granderson reports they can't confirm the ship is British. Chandler realizes it's the Russians. The Russian captain radios over: "I believe you have something that I want."


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