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Season 1 Episode 10

"No Place Like Home"

Chandler and his crew finally return home, where a former D.C. power player is fending off a dangerous warlord who threatens everyone's hopes of restoring law and order in society. Now with a location and a means to finalize their mission, Chandler sets out to find his family, only to discover something absolutely terrifying about this brave new world...[button color="blue" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



Tom Chandler's father radios, hoping someone will hear him. He and the kids are all sick.

Meanwhile, on the USS Nathan James, the crew gets immunized against the virus as they head for home. Dr. Rachel Scott has about 50 or 60 extra doses that can be used to immunize the well or even cure the sick if they're not too far gone.

Chandler encourages Rachel to take a moment to enjoy her victory, rolling up his sleeve for a shot.

In his bunk, Tex kicks himself for pouring his heart out to Dr. Scott, even though he had a 104 degree fever at the time.

The crew assembles so XO Mike Slattery can brief them, they're trying to reach Fort Dietrich so they can stop and manufacture more of the vaccine, but so far they haven't been able to reach the army base. CMC Jeter prepares the crew for the possibility that as they pass by their home of Norfolk they might pick up stray radio signals, or even phone calls from loved ones.

As they approach the cost line, the crew stands on the deck, holding their phones aloft, searching for signals. In comms, Kara Foster warns that a satellite his about to pass overhead. They want to tap in to try to get a look at the path to the fort. (The drones and helicopter are out of fuel.)

They zoom in and see the freeway jam packed with cars, all leaving town. They see a giant painted red x on the ground by houses.

When they zoom into Fort Dietrich, they see that the lab has been completely destroyed -- but nothing else on the base was burned. It was targeted.

Jed Chandler pulls up to a road block with Tom's wife, Darien, and kids in the car, asking for help in Olympia. The man at the crossing won't let them pass and tells them Olympia can't help them. Jed backs up, then guns it and blasts through the roadblock.

The mystery man (Titus Welliver) who Darien saw in town tells his man to let the car pass, figuring its occupants will all be dead soon anyway.

Aboard the Nathan James, Comms Officer Will Mason gets Chandler and Slattery to listen to a broadcast loop in which a woman addresses the USS Nathan James and says they're aware of their mission and may have the supplies they need. It directs them to a channel and Mason hails them. They agree to head to Baltimore, like the broadcast mentioned.

Stopped on the road, Jed Chandler hears the same broadcast and reasons that it means Tom is still alive and people are waiting for him.

On the ship, Dr. Scott finds Kelly and Quincy Tophet's daughter Eva waiting in the hall while they argue inside. Later, Quincy tells Dr. Scott that his wife can't forgive him for what he put them through. Rachel suggests maybe they'll be able to start again when they make land.

Mason pulls up a video call from Amy Granderson, the Vice Chair of the President's Policy Board, and mother of Lt. Alisha Granderson. She knew about their mission and had Alisha transferred to the ship. She tells Chandler she was invited to the presidential bunker, but declined and it saved her life. She tells Tom the government is mostly gone, but she's been working with police to create safe zones. Tom tells her they can be in Baltimore in a matter of hours, then he brings in Alisha to let her talk to her mom.

Meanwhile, the mystery man gets word of the intercepted transmission about a ship coming in to port in Baltimore. They somehow know Granderson is sending a greeting party.

In port, Danny Green leads a RIB team on land to check things out. Slattery and Chandler watch from the Nathan James as two black SUVs pull up. Local state troopers get out and introduce themselves as the mystery man and his people watch from sniper position.

Tom Chandler, Tex and Dr. Scott come on the next RIB and shake hands. A third SUV pulls up and Granderson comes out to hug her daughter.

The mystery man orders his second to take the shot at Granderson, but she's blocked. Knowing they have one shot, he waits, hoping to get her, but she makes it safely back to her car.

In the cars, the crew of the Nathan James sees the misery and destitution of the world, with people stumbling in the streets, carrying their belongings in suitcases. The cars pull up to a glistening corporate HQ Avocet. Granderson explains they're far enough rom te city to avoid infection and it's near a coal fired plant.

She tells them warlords have killed more people than the virus lately, they even tried to steal the original Constitution.

Chandler breaks the great news about the cure and vaccine.

Lt. Norris briefs Slattery on the head of a group of war lords named Thorwold (Welliver), a former police officer. Slattery asks about the Deer Park safe zone, where his wife was heading. Norris tells him there was fighting there, but there are survivors.

Granderson shows Dr. Scott to the lab, where she gets a round of applause from all the scientists who have been working for a vaccine.

Thorwold's second brings word from his mole near Granderson that the crew of the Nathan James brought a cure. He worries that means Granderson will be able to spread out and take the city. They want to take the cure, and the lab.

Back at the HQ, Chandler heads to the radio room to try to reach his father. He broadcasts, but hears nothing.

Tex drops by the lab to say good-bye to Dr. Scott. She's shocked he's going to leave by himself, but he says he has "things to take care of." She mentions the young girl in his locket. She sticks out his hand for him to shake. He tells her she's a special woman and walks away, then decides to go for it. He kisses her, then walks away.

Tom keeps trying to reach his dad and finally hears a weak voice back, and a hacking cough. Jed tells him they're heading for Olympia. When tom asks him what's nearby, they recognize the name of a truck stop downtown. Granderson lends him men and trucks to race there. Tom has four vials of the cure.

They pull up to the truck stop and Tom sees a sick man cradling his father's radio. When Tom demands to know where the man he got it from went, he says Olympia. Tom is ready to charge back in the car and head there, but their state trooper escorts tell them Olympia is for sick people and is off-limits. Tom doesn't care, since they're immune. The troopers shout him down and draw on Tom, Lt. Green, Birk, and Jeter. Chandler tries to diffuse the situation, but Birk fires when a trooper aims at Chandler. The navy men easily take out the troopers, but Jeter is hit.

Chandler puts Jeter in a car with Green and orders them back to the ship. He tells them to get the ship ready to leave Baltimore. Chandler and Birk stay behind to join the huddled masses walking to Olympia -- a big sign down the road.

Back at HQ, Amy Granderson calmly receives news and tells her daughter that everything is fine. Alisha tells her mother she wants to look for her girlfriend, Sara, but her mom tells her there's no way to get there now.

Amy asks him what kind of a man Chandler is, she wants to know if Chandler will still follow orders. "Orders from whom? Mother, what's going on?" Alisha asks.

In the lab, Dr. Scott reviews the work of another doctor who claims he came up with a way to prolong people's lives. She takes her findings to him and points out that actually his dosages would be highly toxic.

Meanwhile, people shuffle into Olympia stadium. Tom and Birk look around for the Chandlers. People with gas masks usher the sick in. People shuffle around the floor of the area, being shown to beds. Tom hears his daughter Madison calling his name. He runs to his kids and is injecting them as he asks his dad where his wife is. He breaks the news that Tom's wife died.

Meanwhile, on the ship, Lt. Norris is looking around the bridge when he suddenly pulls a gun and shoots a crew member to get Slattery's attention. He tells Slattery he's taking over the ship and wants the cure. Slattery is in no mind to cooperate and they all shout waiting for someone to make a move. Quincy Tophet rushes him and gets shot in the gut for his troubles.

At HQ, Amy Granderson injects herself with the vaccine. Dr. Scott comes to see her, furious about what they're doing to the sick. As Granderson coolly tells her that there are people who would use the crisis to take what does not belong to them we see scenes of Green driving wounded Jeter back to the ship, Tex walking around town by himself with his machine gun, and "bad guy" Thorwold walking through a refuge where he's providing people with food and shelter.

Granderson tells Dr. Scott: "It is my duty to help the right people first."

Scott realizes Granderson gathered an "elite few" in her HQ and left the rest to die.

In the Olympia stadium, Tom goes behind a cordoned off area and sees the people in masks injecting people, who are dying in front of him. He realizes what's happening and starts shouting that they're killing them. He hears gunshot and Birk comes to say they have to leave.

Tom, Birk, Jed and the kids rush outside, where they see trucks carrying heaps of dead bodies heading to the coal plant. They're burning the bodies to power the city.

Back at HQ, Alisha Granderson is brought in by police and tells Dr. Scott she had no idea what was going on there. Dr. Scott points out that they won't be able to replicate her vaccine with the dosages she brought, everything they need is on the ship -- and Chandler will never give that up.

Tom tries to radio the ship but can't get through.

Aboard the Nathan James, the crew musters on the bridge in the dark. Slattery hears Tom's broadcast on the ship, but with Norris holding him at gunpoint.



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