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The Knick: Watch the Tick-Tocking Trailer for Season 2 (VIDEO)

The battle between the limitations of mankind and the pursuit of futuristic solutions to those limitations will continue in Season 2 of The Knick, and from the look of the just-released trailer, it's going to take people to some strange places. Including bound on a boat.

The Knick stars Clive Owen as a surgeon in the early 20th century in New York who wants to push the limits of science while also pushing a ton of drugs up his nose or into any available vein (one memorable Season 1 scene saw him ask a nurse to inject his penis). The series was produced and directed by Oscar-winner Steven Soderbergh, and he returns to direct all of Season 2. Take a look:

Season 2 of The Knick will premiere on October 16 on Cinemax. The first season is currently available on HBO Go to entice you to pony up for Cinemax.

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