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THE KNICK (Cinemax)

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Season 1 Episode 9


Robertson must come up with hush money to cover up a late-night crime at the Knick; a desperate Thackery looks to Lucy to obtain his drugs; and Eleanor's erratic behavior concerns Gallinger...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]


In the throes of withdrawal, Thackery breaks into a pharmacy to steal cocaine. He's caught and Captain Robertson and Barrow are called in to bribe the officer in charge. The story appears in the paper as a blind item and the staff of the Knick begin to connect the dots about their chief surgeon.

Robertson urges Barrow to get Thackery help with his drug problem. Barrow strikes a deal with Bunky Collier, but the gangster gives him vials of salt water instead of cocaine. Lucy visits Thackery and takes in his sorry state. She goes to the opium den and obliges Ping Wu's offer of cash and opium in exchange for the use of her "dainty foot." When she delivers the drugs to Thackery, she tells him she sold her bicycle to get it.

Cornelia tells Algernon that she is pregnant with his child. Algernon is thrilled – until Cornelia asks him to help her get rid of it.

Eleanor Gallinger walks into the hospital pushing a baby carriage. Alarmed, Everett looks in and sees the body of the child he brought home inside; Eleanor deliriously drowned her in the bathtub. Everett's left with no choice but to have his wife committed to an asylum.

A desperate Thackery turns to drastic methods to get his fix. He dredges up old Coca-Cola bottles, hoping to find residue containing cocaine. Returning to Mr. Luff, he offers to put his name to a health product. But as the pharmaceutical salesman takes in Thackery's sorry condition, he tells him the ship has sailed.

Algernon prepares to carry out Cornelia's abortion in the hospital's basement. At the last moment, he's unable to bring himself to carry out the procedure. He asks Cornelia to run away with him to Europe instead, but she refuses.

Lucy overhears that the German Hospital has supplies of cocaine. Posing as a surgical nurse, she breaks in and steals an entire box filled with the drug. She's caught and makes a run for it. Delivering the stolen goods to Thackery, she suggests he apply it to himself before sex. He applies it to her instead.

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