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Season 1 Episode 3

"The Killing Call"

Nessa's security advisor follows a lead as he hunts down the missing boy.

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Nessa receives a call from the kidnappers asking if her secret is safe. Nessa asks the man on the phone to tell her something that proves he knows her terrible secret. The kidnapper tells Nessa, “You burned my face,” confirming her worst fears.

Nessa and Atika debate going public with the truth about their abduction in Gaza, but Atika insists on keeping silent. Rachel asks Atika to share the story with the police, while Ephra defends Atika’s right to privacy.

Police investigators ask Ephra to take a paternity test to confirm that he is not Kasim’s father. A suspicious Rachel insists that he consent and the Steins give the police a toothbrush for testing.

After another overnight tryst with Dame Julia, a regretful Hugh calls estranged ex-wife Anjelica to tell her he loves her.

Nessa visits Nathaniel in the hospital after he wakes up to find him raring to get involved in the kidnapping investigation. He starts by showing her the EKG’s record of the kidnapper’s death in a nearby room, which suggests that the young man used a phone about five minutes before his death. Nathaniel tells Nessa he suspects the nurse who has been caring for him was involved in the kidnapper’s death.

Nessa confronts the nurse, explaining that she understands the woman is being threatened by the kidnappers and asking for her cooperation.

Nessa seeks solace in Nathaniel’s arms, but he tells her that to see her romantically would be professional suicide. He asks Nessa to get him a special piece of surveillance software from her personal investigator.

Using the software, Nathaniel discovers the dead kidnapper’s wife using payoff money to buy a new car.

As Shlomo continues to bid for the Stein Group contract, Sir Hugh approaches Shlomo to offer him documents casting Shlomo’s alleged Hezbollah connections into suspicion in exchange for future intelligence.

Shlomo presents the documents to Nessa, but she tells him The Stein Group cannot stand the bad press and her decision to reject his bid is final.

She questions Nathaniel about his sources on the Hezbollah connection, revealing that he is the one who did the background check on Shlomo, but Nathaniel tells her he cannot share his methods. Nessa is horrified to realize Nathaniel will likely uncover her own secrets in his investigation into the kidnapping.

Police inform Ephra, Rachel and Atika that tests have proved conclusively Ephra is not Kasim’s father.

Sir Hugh visits Ephra and shares a photograph of the car Nessa and Atika were forced out of in Gaza along with its murdered driver.

Rachel asks Atika about Kasim’s father, extending her sympathies and admiration for Atika’s struggle now that question of Atika and Ephra’s romantic entanglement is apparently settled.

Nessa’s assistant, Frances, warns Nathaniel his investigation makes Nessa a potential accessory to obstruction of justice and he must leave absolutely no trail as he works.

Nathaniel enters the kidnapper’s wife’s flat and finds her brother shot dead at the kitchen table. She appears and claims she doesn’t know who killed him. When Nathaniel insists on going to the police, she admits she killed her brother to stop him from taking the payoff money and begs him to take her to see her mother first. She leads Nathaniel to a quiet slaughterhouse and tearfully apologizes as the kidnapper, a man with a badly scarred face, kills Nathaniel and disposes of his body with meat processing equipment.

Ephra confronts Atika with the photograph of the slain, female driver, disproving Nessa and Atika’s claims that the driver had been Kasim’s father. Ephra tells Atika he knows the toothbrush she gave the police was actually her own and the paternity test was meaningless. Ephra asks Atika what happened in Gaza and whether he is Kasim’s father after all.

The kidnapper’s wife’s murdered corpse is shown awaiting burial in the back of a pickup truck, near the same field full of wind turbines where the FBI agent impersonating Meshal’s mistress was killed.


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