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Season 1 Episode 2

"The Faithful Husband"

Nessa's past, including her kidnap in Gaza, is dug up by MI6 boss Sir Hugh Hayden-Hoyle...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site (UK)[/button][button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site (USA)[/button] p022kkmb


Eight years ago. In a holding cell in Gaza, Nessa and Atika wake to the sound of a man screaming.

Cut to present day. Nessa sleeps with a bodyguard filling in for injured Nathaniel. She then reveals she has deduced the new bodyguard’s identity: an undercover MI6 agent working for Sir Hugh.

Nessa visits the hospital to thank Nathaniel for saving her.

After reprimanding the agent for failing to maintain his cover, Sir Hugh tells MI6 head Dame Julia he is about to interview Meshal’s wife, while police will investigate the kidnapping. So far both Palestinian and Israeli officials deny involvement in both cases.

The injured driver from the kidnapping awakens, but after he listens to a voicemail (relayed by a phone a nurse has passed on to him), the driver commits suicide.

A police officer informs the Steins of the kidnapper’s death. Ephra’s pregnant wife Rachel accuses Ephra of taking Kasim to the benefit in order to show that his Israeli daughters are being raised alongside a young Palestinian.

Frances, Nessa’s assistant/advisor, questions Atika’s unemotional reaction to her son’s kidnapping. Nessa informs Frances that Kasim’s father was killed in Gaza working for the Steins and Atika has been with them ever since.

During a meeting later, Monica Chatwin asks Dame Julia to fire Sir Hugh for providing inadequate protection to the Steins, while Julia accuses Monica of scheming to fill his shoes.

In the House of Lords, while Nessa debates peers supporting each side of the Israeli-Palistinean conflict, a protestor splashes Rachel and Ephra with fake blood at a Stein education benefit. Back at home, Rachel tells Nessa the police think the kidnappers were targeting her own children.

Meshal’s widow tells Sir Hugh she is sure her husband did not have the mistress his suicide note refers to. Hugh interviews an American woman claiming to be Meshal’s mistress. Telling her Meshal was impotent, he reveals that she cannot be who she says she is. In fact, she may be in danger.

Tracy, the self-proclaimed mistress, declines to remain in MI6 custody and makes contact with an FBI handler. Shortly thereafter, she receives a call from a woman claiming to be a British Secret Service agent who warns her that since her cover’s blown, the FBI is about to make an attempt on her life.

Tracy flees and hails a cab just as MI6’s actual agent arrives at her empty apartment. In the cab, the taxi driver kills her then an unidentified female agent kills him.

Dame Julia agrees to cover up the killings, weaseling an implied admission of involvement in Meshal’s death from an American official.

Ephra asks Atika for permission to share the unspoken truth about what happened to her and Nessa in Gaza in case it helps with the kidnapping investigation. She makes him promise not to and they make love, revealing an ongoing passionate affair.

While speaking at a fundraiser, Nessa receives a call from the kidnappers warning that they know her terrible secret. Nessa hurries to Atika with the contents of a package sent by the kidnappers: Kasim’s watch, now programmed with a recording of his voice telling his mother he is safe. A horrified Nessa tells Atika: “They know.”


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