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The Graham Norton Show - 5 Must-See Benedict Cumberbatch Moments!

In the latest episode of The Graham Norton Show’s 16th season — Episode 5 — Benedict Cumberbatch — joined by Miranda Hart and Timothy Spall — chats with Graham Norton about everything from his Cumber-fans to his rumored projects. Here are five stand-out moments from this particular red couch visit, presented in no particular order because they’re all just too good.

1. There’s the one where Benedict can’t pronounce “penguin.” I think we’re all OK with using “pengwing” from now on, though.

2. There’s the moment where we realized we love Miranda Hart even more than we thought we did because she forced Benedict to do his best Beyonce moves.

3. There’s that thing of when Benedict met his own wax figure… and then photobombed it.

4. There’s that time Benedict said things he probably shouldn’t say.

5. And when Benedict recalled telling Missy Franklin she makes him “stiff.” Wait, what?!

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