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The Graham Norton Show: 2017 - BBC One

The Graham Norton Show: 2017 (BBC One) Claire Foy, Adam Sandler, Emma Thompson & Cara Delevingne

Graham Norton is joined by Emma Thompson and Adam Sandler, who star in The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected), Claire Foy and Cara Delevingne. Plus music from Morrissey, who sings Spent the Day in Bed.

Claire Foy tells how she ended up cuddling a drunk fan in a chip shop and reveals how she practiced getting the voice right when she was playing queen Elizabeth in the crown.


Emma Thompson explains how she once received an unexpected phone call from Donald Trump asking her for a date.


Cara Delevingne on how she was checking Rihanna's outfit when she was photographed looking at her cleavage. Emma Thompson talks about being in the mosh pit at the reading festival.


The Graham Norton Show

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