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The Good Wife Gets An Offer She Can Easily Refuse

The Good WifeCBS

Goodbye to you, Ruth. Just as quickly as she came, Margo Martingale exited The Good Wife. You will be missed. After losing the Iowa caucus, Peter is not going to return to governing Illinois, but of course it's not going to be smooth sailing for the troubled politician. Who's coming after him? Ruth was not sure, but she had a warning. "Watch out for friends. On that sinister note, goodbye Eli."

"Goodbye, Ruth. I wish I had been better to you," Eli told her.

"I wish you bad been too," she said. But that wouldn't be that fun to watch.

Eli continued his quest to get back into Alicia's life. He misses her. Know how we know? Because he has a framed selfie with her that he apparently had on his desk. Absurd. His daughter Marissa also got involved, but Alicia didn't budge.

"I hurt. It hurt me," Alicia told her.

Meanwhile, some other hurt came by way of clients. Emily Gilmore and a few others decided to jump ship, but they didn't go over to Lockhart/ Agos. They're looking for lawyers like Alicia and Lucca, but infrastructure of a large firm. This prompted Cary to invite Alicia back to the firm, with Lucca. Alicia does not want to go back, but Lucca wasn't quick to write off the offer. All the while this was going on, a cranky neighbor was trying to get Alicia evicted, but Grace saved the day. However, Alicia fired Grace at the end of the episode and told her she needed to focus on her life, not Alicia's. "I need to be taking care of you, not the reverse," she told Grace.

The case of the week involved the return of Matthew Lillard's Rowby, you know, the man responsible for "Thicky Trick." "Good Morning Magic Sunshine" is no "Thicky Trick." Yadda, yadda, yadda, they went to court and went back and forth with the great Christine Lahti about whether or not he wrote the song under contract with his old label. Lucca slept with him.

The Good Wife airs Sundays, 9 p.m. on CBS.

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