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Season 1 Episode 3

"The Games People Play"

Odin hasn't found a guarantor for the loan and Jonesy Brown has had him locked up for assault. With the court date set for the same day as the auction, will Odin be set free and make it to the auction?..[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]


Set in Casino in northern NSW, in the heart of Bundjalung Country, The Gods of Wheat Street was shot in nearby Coraki. Creator Jon Bell talks about the world of Wheat Street, and filming the series in the area he was raised.


On the next episode...

Libby, sick of not being appreciated, decides to let the Freeburns fend for themselves; Jonesy breaks into the Freeburn's house in search of his stolen money; and Tristan tries to win back Anastasia...


The Gods Of Wheat Street: Kelton Pell Interview(ABC1)

Kelton Pell, the star of The Gods Of Wheat Street, chats about his role in the new series...

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