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Season 2 Episode 11


A deadly massacre is thought to be sparked by Joe Carroll...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



Joe Carroll addresses his Korban followers, preparing them for the next part of their instruction. He asks for a volunteer and a woman named Angela comes up. Joe asks her to describe her happiest memory and she talks about going snorkeling in the Florida Keys with her fiancé and the feeling of total serenity she felt. Joe explains that gift is what she can give to the world.

Emma pulls back the sheet on the objector named Carla, who is hogtied to a table. Joe instructs Angela to give the "gift" to Carla, and hands her a knife. The crowd of a dozen or so, including Robert, Mandy, Tilda and Lucas, all watch as Joe goads Angela into stabbing her trussed up friend. "You're not taking life, you are freeing a soul!" Joe exults.

Robert looks queasy, Angela is thrilled with her accomplishment and hugs Joe. Emma beams.

Meanwhile, in New York, Ryan and Carrie start their morning in bed. There's a news report on about Joe's growing popularity and a young woman with vocal fry in a Joe t-shirt talks about how they're more of a fan club for Joe than a cult, and it's a way to be unique and have fun.

Carrie can't help but be jazzed by all the goings on. There have been Lily Gray sighting all over Europe. She makes plans with Ryan to see him later that night. Mike drops by for Ryan as she's leaving.

He's been going through a database of cults in the area and has found 73 worth following up.

Marshal Turner brings Brad Daniels from WitSec to see Claire. Turner cautions her that leaving WitSec could jeopardize the FBI investigation. Claire insists she thinks she knows a way to help Ryan. Daniels wants to move Claire's mother and Joey to a military base, so even she won't know where they are -- she won't see them again unless she rejoins WitSec.

Mike goes over the case with Ryan, with the secret that Claire is alive weighing on him. Ryan thinks Mike is thinking about his father's death and offers uncharacteristically optimistic encouragement to Mike. When Mike asks, Ryan admits he likes Carrie. "She's not what I thought," he says.

Meanwhile, at a bakery, one of Joe's van of followers pulls up outside. Two men don masks, grab knives and go in stabbing and slashing their way through the crowd.

Later, Agent Clark briefs Ryan on the crime scene: five dead, 12 wounded. Ryan is surprised there was no message left.

At Korban, in private, Emma tells Joe she thinks Mandy is a "lost cause" and people are talking about her getting special treatment. Mandy hears them from the hallway, but they're interrupted by Robert.

Carla, the woman Joe sacrificed, was at Korban for eight years and Robert considered her a friend. Joe says she was chosen because she was special. Robert says some people question his sincerity -- but not him. "You tell them not to confuse the man I used to be with the man I am now. Tell them Micah is still in our hearts and we have great work to do," Joe says, going on about their mission to save the world.

Robert apologizes for even questioning him. Joe says it's fine as Emma glares.

When Robert leaves, Joe asks Emma to find out if she has any influence with Robert. Joe thinks they need him because the others trust him.

On a Manhattan street, a woman dressed in black approaches a nurse, checks if she's Terri Burke and then shoves her into her car as she stabs her in the stomach. The murderer steals Terri's ID and drives off in Terri's car with her body in the back.

Emma drops by Robert's bunk. She tries to get him to talk, "confessing" she's doubted Joe, too. She tells Robert that Joe helped her believe in herself. She urges him to believe in Joe, and her. "I just want to know that what I believe in is real," he says. Emma takes his hand and puts it on her heart and draws him close. She kisses him and lets it keep going.

Meanwhile, Mandy sneaks into Joe's room and logs onto the internet. She goes to the chat room where followers leave messages and writes down a number.

At the hospital where all the victims from the bakery stabbing are being taken, the murderer poses as Terri to get access to her locker. She texts two of the "victims" with superficial wounds upstairs the combination to her locker, where she has stashed a suitcase with semi-automatic weapons inside. The men arm up.

At the bakery scene, Ryan notices the work calendar only lists three employees on shift but five were taken to the hospital. Agent Clark calls to find out which hospital the victims were taken to.

Meanwhile, the killer posing as Terri shows her credentials to a US Marshal to gain access to a guarded wing.

Ryan learns the victims were taken to Manhattan Memorial -- where Luke is being kept. The bakery attack wasn't Joe, it's Lily Gray.

In Luke's hospital room, "Terri" holds a phone to Luke's ear. Lily is on the line. She tells him to do exactly what Serena tells him. "I'm bringing you home," she says.

Agent Clark radios the hospital to lockdown as he, Mike, and Ryan race there.

The two men posing as bakery victims approach the secure wing. One is now dressed as an orderly and the other is on a stretcher, pretending to be unconscious. The Marshals get the call from Agent Clark but can't hear him. Before they can stop the men, the "patient" sits up with his semi-automatic weapon and starts firing, killing all the Marshals. He kills a doctor who tries to intervene.

They release a gas canister and Luke gets on a stretcher. They call their ride waiting in the alley -- they were made too quickly.

Agent Clark gets there with dozens of SWAT to lockdown the hospital. They make their way through the hospital to the wing where Luke was and find the bodies.

A nurse hid under the desk and heard them call to the ambulance waiting for them. They radio down to stop the ambulance. The driver tries to take off, but he's quickly stopped. He's killed after he gets out firing.

Ryan and Mike split up to search the hospital.

The commandos opt for plan B and split up, making plans to meet up outside in 20 minutes.

Serena is separated from them and tries to cover her ID badge before she's checked.

Ryan follows a trail of blood smear down to the basement and shoots open a locked door.

Mike is about to check Serena's fake ID in a stairwell when he notices her trying to hide it. She pretends to be nervous but he anticipates her and fends her off when she attacks. He draws his gun and demands to know where Lily Gray is. He threatens to kill her, but she says she'll never talk. She draws a knife and charges him and a nearby SWAT guy blasts her away. Mike is furious to have lost the only lead on the woman who killed his father.

At Korban, Joe watches Pastor Kingston Tanner address him on TV, telling him to repent. Tanner's a megachurch evangelist.

Emma reports back to Joe that Robert won't be a problem. Emma wants to know what Joe's plan is. He tells her he was thinking too small with Poe and points out more people have been killed in the name of religion than anything else. "Religion isn't about love or charity, it is about blood and sacrifice," he says.

He's planning a holy war against Tanner.

Down in the bowels of the hospital, Ryan looks for Luke.

At Korban, Mandy watches Joe schmoozing and judges from afar. She goes back to her room and packs her things.

Ryan looks around the dark tunnels under the hospital and radios Mike that they're heading to the marketplace outside the hospital.

Meanwhile, Ryan finds Luke in a storage area. His commando sneaks up behind Ryan and puts a gun to his head. As he's kneeling down, Ryan distracts the commando by offering to let him walk out if he leaves Luke. Then Ryan wheels around, whacks the gun away, tackles the commando and ends up shooting him.

Ryan follows Luke out of the market but loses him in the crowd.

Later, with Agent Clark on the scene they have no idea where Luke is. Carrie finds Ryan. "I heard you were a hero again today. You need to stop doing that, it's very stressful," she tells him.

She has to run to make it on air but they make dinner plans.

Meanwhile, Luke is reunited with his brother and mother in a hotel room.

Joe watches Carrie's broadcast, in which she says Lily was posing as Joe's killers. Joe is not pleased.

Mike wonders to Ryan how they're supposed to go up against someone like Lily Gray with infinite resources and no regard for human life. Ryan remains optimistic. "After this is all over, you and me we're going to go have a life. The universe owes us," Ryan says.

Meanwhile, on the dark roads outside Korban, a woman picks up Mandy as she hitchhikes. Mandy borrows the woman's phone and calls the number from the classified and reaches Mark Gray.

At Ryan's apartment, there's a knock on the door and Mike answers, expecting Max Hardy. Instead, he see Scott Turner and Brad Daniels. He immediately wheels around to try to prepare Ryan and apologize, but then Ryan sees Claire standing in his doorway.


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