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Season 2 Episode 13

"The Reaping"

Ryan Hardy tracks down the Korban compound...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]




At the Korban Compound,Ryan watches as Robert and another follower free a woman from the cage and drag her into the woods. A security guard finds Ryan, but Ryan disarms him and chokes him out quietly then sneaks off.

At Ryan's apartment, Claire explains her plan to Carrie Cooke -- she wants to do an interview to try to lure Joe out. Carrie tries to talk her out of it, but Claire tells her she's doing it with or without her help. Carrie agrees but says it'll take time to set it up.

When Mike walks Carrie out, he checks that she's not serious. Carrie says Claire isn't thinking clearly and she won't do anything until she hears from Ryan.

Mike gets a call -- Kingston Tanner heard from Joe.

At Kingston's house, he and the FBI watch the video of Joe's killer squad slaughtering Preston's girlfriend. Then Joe addresses Kingston, telling him he has his son. The video arrived on a flash drive that was left at his house.

Kingston recognizes Mike and offers his condolences for his father, then prays for him. Kingston wants to engage Joe, and says his son needs the prayers of others. "You don't have to go on TV to pray," Mike points out, annoyed. Kingston agrees to go along with their plans "as long as the good lord allows it."

At Korban, Ryan watches as the followers assemble for a nighttime ceremony. Someone asks Ryan why he's not wearing his mask and robe -- so Ryan takes his. Ryan overhears Emma telling Tilda that a small group will leave after the ceremony, with Joe leaving in the morning. Joe is counting on Tilda to lead, Emma says.

The crowd claps and cheers when Joe emerges from his cabin and takes the stage. Tilda films as Preston and the woman from the cage, Courtney, are brought on stage.

Courtney apologizes to Joe and promises to be good. Joe announces that Preston is going to deliver Courtney from her suffering and "send her home."

Joe takes out a knife and addresses his followers about Kingston Tanner's abuse of power and "rampant profiteering." Ryan slowly makes his way to the stage through the crowd.

Preston refuses to kill Courtney. Ryan takes out his gun and holds it by is side as Joe leads everyone in a chant of "no redemption without blood."

Joe puts the knife in Preston's hand and moves up to higher platform on the stage, urging Preston to give Courtney "the salvation she so richly deserves."

Joe shouts that Preston can show his father that "life is sacrifice!" and Ryan shoots at Joe. He kills a follower who tries to stop him and everyone runs for cover.

But Joe is unhurt.

A Lily Gray's seaside estate, Lily checks in with a mercenary named Alistair who is supposed to be tracing Joe's call.

Mark suggests they could just leave without going after Joe, but Lily won't hear it. "My love, you're so sensitive, but I really must insist that you man up. This whiny child routine has lost its appeal," she says.

Lily says Joe has to pay for what he's done.

At Korban the next morning, Robert finally confesses to Joe that they saw Ryan Hardy at the college and it might be Ryan who shot at him.

Joe is incensed that Robert is only now telling him. Emma urges Joe to leave immediately, but Joe can't see past Ryan.

He's content with it being the end.

Max tries to get Mike to talk about his father's death and he admits everything he's doing now is a distraction from it. She reminds him that going after Lily won't solve anything.

They get word that the techs were able to trace calls made from the burner phone recovered from Lily's hired gun. They've located her house in suburban New Jersey.

At Korban, Robert and another gun see Ryan and race after him, but lose him.

When they split up, Ryan tackles the other guy from a tree. He asks Joe's plan and the guy tells him all he knows is they're going to New York.

Ryan hears Joe tell Robert over the radio to bring Ryan to him.

Ryan thinks for a moment and, even though he has the security dude pinned to the ground, he fires into the air to draw Robert to him. They quickly grab Ryan and he's pleased as they take him to Joe.

Meanwhile, the FBI storms Lily's seaside estate. They find Mandy's body. They determine Alistair the mercenary was in the house and look up his credit card charges, and find he rented a car. They call for a subpoena for the car's GPS.

At Korban, Robert doesn't understand what Joe is doing with Ryan. "Joe loses the ability to think clearly around Ryan, it's some weird thing between them," Emma explains. She is annoyed when Robert asks her the plan.

Robert asks if this is the same thing that happened last year, that Joe fell apart over his wife and son.

Joe walks in to see Ryan ziptied to a chair. Joe is delighted to see him. They chat amiably, with Ryan casually mentioning his hopes that Joe ends up dead. Joe breezily says he thinks his own days are numbered.

Ryan asks about the big plan, and knows it's not really about the bible and religion. "You're more interested in getting into the Psychos Hall of Fame, because what else is there for you now?" Ryan says.

He tells Joe that as smart as he is, he can't see that his own psychopathy is overshadowed by his narcissism. When Joe says that only a real friend could speak such truth, Ryan insists they're not friends. Joe draws parallels between them, saying Ryan brings out parts of him that no one else does. He calls Ryan his best friend.

At Kingston Tanner's estate, he holds a press conference, fighting back tears.

At Korban, Joe has Preston Tanner and poor Courtney brought in and calls for someone to film.

Kingston calls Joe "spawn of Satan" and promises him he won't be victorious. Kingston closes by praying for God to bring his son home.

At Korban, Joe asks Preston to choose whether he or Courtney will die. Ryan suggests Joe kill him instead, but Joe says it's not an option.

Joe holds a knife to Preston's throat and asks him to choose.

Ryan tells Preston that Joe won't kill him because he's no leverage to him if he's dead.

Preston considers and refuses, so Joe has someone hold a gun to his head. Preston takes the knife. Robert holds Courtney.

"God forgive me," Preston says, then he stabs Courtney.

At Lily's estate, they trace Alistair's car to 30 miles north of where they lost Ryan.

Claire calls Carrie, who tells her she can't do the interview. But Carrie reconsiders when Claire threatens to go to someone else.

At Korban, Ryan seethes at Joe and promises to kill him. "You can no more kill me than I you. Don't you get it? If I die, you die," Joe says.

Lily Gray and her team of hired guns pull up near the camp. "I don't care who you kill, but bring Joe to me," Lily tells Alistair.

Inside, Emma and Roberts see their vans pull up outside the gates. They're ready to go, but Joe is still chatting with Ryan.

Joe asks Ryan if he misses Claire and says he still misses her. Emma and Robert come for Joe. He won't kill Ryan, but he leaves with them.

The mercenaries drive through the gate and start shooting followers like target practice. Inside, Ryan breaks the chair he's ziptied to against a wall and gets free.

Outside, he grabs a mercenary's semi-automatic and takes out three of them.

Mike, Max and Agent Clarke reach the compound with a team.

Inside, Ryan finds and kills another mercenary then surrenders to the local cops when they approach him.

Back outside, Mark tells his mother that Luke sneaked closer to the compound to get a look. She sends Mark after him.

In the compound, Mike looks around for Lily. Max is reunited with Ryan and they both realize Mike has gone after Lily at the north exit.

On TV, Carrie recites a message intended for Joe: "How can I sleep with the view? You asleep, diner lights flashing pink on your skin. Your breath on my shoulder. Me? I could die happy."

Joe watches it at a remote cabin owned by a follower's uncle. "Claire?" he says.

Mike finds Lily alone at her SUV. He orders her to her knees, she serenely kneels and puts up her hands, noting she's unarmed and will go with him.

Max and Ryan find him. He fights back tears as they urge him not to kill her.

"Mike, you're a good man. Take me into custody," Lily says. "You're wrong. I used to be, I'm not anymore," Mike says.

"Mike, this is not you. It's me. Don't be me, please," Ryan says.

Mike lowers his weapon and breathes deeply. He addresses Lily. "I know this isn't going to fix anything for me. But it will fix you," Mike says. He shoots her three times in the chest.



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