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Season 2 Episode 12


Ryan and Mike search a dark and creepy frat house and are attacked by a room full of people in white masks; A betrayal leads to chaos...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]





Ryan tries to process seeing Claire alive in front of him. "There's a headstone with your name on it," he says. She explains that they took her straight from the hospital to witness protection. He's overcome. He's dreamed she's alive, but can't believe she really is.

Later, Claire tells Ryan not to blame Mike for not telling him. He says he would have joined her, but she was focused on keeping her son Joey safe. She wants Ryan's help to kill Joe.

Pastor Kingston Tanner wraps up a fire breathing sermon in which he condemns Joe Carroll as the antichrist and proclaims Jesus Christ the only "JC" who's truly holy. Later, he sits down for an interview with Carrie Cooke, urging Joe's followers to repent.

At the cult compound, Joe scoffs at the pastor. "Religion is a business and Joe Carroll is good for ticket sales," Joe says. Joe rages against the hypocrisy of religion, calling believers sheep. "Religion is responsible for far more bloodshed than I could ever be. It's only good for one thing: power," Joe says.

He wants to teach Tanner a lesson. Emma mentions that no one has seen Mandy, but Joe isn't concerned.

Meanwhile, Mandy freezes in the snow waiting. When she sees a man approaching, she takes out her knife. She sees several men and gets nervous, until she sees Mark. He won't tell her where Lily is just yet, but he asks where Joe is. Mandy won't tell him.

Mark shrugs it off then takes her with him to see Lily, who he says is baking a cake.

After her interview with Tanner, Carrie gets into her town car. As they're stopped in traffic, Angela, Joe's latest murdering convert, walks in front of their car. Joe's killer squad surrounds the car and breaks in to the back seat, where Carrie cowers. Tilda holds a phone to Carrie's ear. It's Joe, ordering her to broadcast a new message from him.

The spray-painted message on her car reads "JC lives."

Later, Ryan rushes to make sure Carrie's OK. She gives him a flash drive copy of Joe's message, which she hasn't watched yet. One of her body guards is in intensive care. She wants to air Joe's message, but Ryan asks her to let him watch it first. When she asks if she can stay with him, Ryan sidesteps and says he'll call her later.

Meanwhile, Mandy arrives at another Lily Gray mansion, in heavy snow. They drove her with a bag over her head and won't tell her where she is. Lily, too, pretends it's OK that Mandy won't tell them where to find Joe.

At Ryan's apartment, he and Claire watch Joe's message, in which he calls people like Tanner hypocrites and threatens to remove their "masks." Claire mentions that Joe is an atheist and came from a very religious family. She looks up a passage from Matthew that Joe quoted partially. "Jesus said, 'I did not come to bring peace, but sword. I came to set a man against his father and a daughter against her mother.'"

Kingston Tanner has one son who goes to Northfield College in Connecticut and Claire is ready to charge there solo without telling the FBI. Ryan leaves, telling her he'll call after he's distracted her FBI bodyguards.

Down on the street, Ryan tells Max his theory about Tanner's son. He goes with Mike, leaving Max to go upstairs and explain to Claire that she got ditched.

Joe's Killers pull up to the Northfield campus and begin scouting. A security guard questions them and gets stabbed in the back of their van for his trouble.

On the road to Northfield, Mike offers an explanation to Ryan even when he doesn't want one. Mike explains he was trying to put Claire's safety above everything. Ryan assures him he understands.

Up at Korman, Emma shows Joe footage from the surveillance cameras of Mandy scaling the fence to leave.

Meanwhile, at Lily's snowy mansion, Lily smiles as she reminds Mandy that Mandy left her for Joe. She wants to be sure Mandy won't "betray" her again, and asks about Joe. But Mandy says she doesn't want to betray Joe, either. Lily tries to convince her she doesn't want to hurt Joe, but Mandy doesn't believe her. Lily backhands her. Mandy begins to realize she's made a terrible mistake.

Washing up at Ryan's apartment, Claire finds a lipstick on the counter. She interrupts Max in the Joe Carroll war room. Claire asks how Ryan is doing, including if he's "moving on." Max says he's trying to, and although she understands why Claire did what she did, she wants what's best for Ryan.

She boots Claire out to call Ryan about Tanner's son, Preston. She directs them to the frat house, which the van of killers is currently pulling up in front of.

Lucas and Tilda walk inside the frat house, where someone tells them where to find Preston's room. Robert and Angela wait in the van with semi-automatic weapons, planning to make a video as soon as the others return with Preston.

Tilda knocks on Preston's door. A couple is making out on his bed. The man is rude to her and Tilda takes out a knife. Lucas tries to keep his new girlfriend on task, but relents as soon as the frat guy calls her "fatty." The killers dispatch the couple.

Later that night when the frat house is dark, Preston returns with his girlfriend for a quickie.

Meanwhile, at the Lily Gray creep show, Luke tries to get Mandy to talk by playing truth or dare. When she won't talk, they hold her hand over a candle. She screams for Lily, but Lily ignores her.

In the frat house, Tilda and Robert film Preston and his girlfriend with knives to their necks. When Preston begs them "please god" not to hurt his girlfriend, Tilda slits her throat. Then she notices Ryan and Mike pulling up outside.

Inside the house, they quickly see blood and head upstairs. They follow a noise down a hallway and find a roomful of people with masks on their faces. One of them seems to charge Ryan, mumbling. Another comes at Mike and he shoots. Ryan tries to pry the mask of one kid's face and notices it's glued on and his mouth is taped shut. He stops Mike from shooting anyone else. But Tilda comes downstairs and sees that Lucas was the one who was hit.

Robert grabs Tilda and they run out and throw Preston in their van. They drive off before Ryan can reach them, so he gets in his car and tears after them, leaving Mike behind.

At Korban, Emma finds the classified ad in the laptop search history. Joe realizes Mandy went to Lily. Emma tries to stop him from calling Lily, but he's too angry.

Lily brings the phone to Mandy, who's whimpering and bloody on the floor. Joe calls Mandy silly for going to them and points out they're going to kill her. Lily offers Joe the chance to prove he hasn't abandoned Mandy by coming to get her. Instead, he says he loves her, then hangs up the phone.

Ryan follows the van of killers. When Mike calls, he tells him what he's up to, but won't tell Mike what he is. Ryan says he's going to end things for all of them. "Take care of Claire and Max," Ryan says. He hangs up and tosses his phone out the window.

At Korban, Joe grieves angrily for Mandy. He blames Emma for not getting along with her. "She was never going to belong here. You should have left her in Arkansas," Emma says. Joe charges her, but stops short.

Carrie's broadcast begins.

Mike returns to Ryan's apartment and tells Max and Claire that Ryan has gone off on his own after Joe. That's as far as he gets before Carrie shows up, looking for Ryan. Mike asks Claire to wait in the bedroom, but that doesn't last long either, as she comes out telling Carrie: "If you want to help Ryan, help me."

Meanwhile, at the Grey mansion Luke, Mark and Lily enjoy cake and toast Mandy -- who is strapped to her chair, dead.

The killers return to Korban with Preston. "It's time for you to pay for the sins of your father," Joe tells him.

From behind a tree nearby, Ryan watches.



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This one's for you Mandy 🙁

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