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Season 2 Episode 5


Max puts herself at risk tailing a follower; Lily tries to bring Joe into her world, much to Emma's displeasure.....


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Last week’s episode ended with Max on the train with Giselle and Joe and Emma being reunited. This week’s episode starts off with Joe getting cleaned up, shaving that awful beard off and him joining Lily for a drink in the living room of the gigantic house they are staying in.

Back on the train, the train stops in Stratford Connecticut and they both get off. Max calls Ryan to let him know where they are and he is about 20 minutes out, she tells him to hurry and he tells her not to follow her and that they will find her together when he gets there. She of course doesn’t listen and continues to follow her, Giselle disables her phone so that she can’t be traced.


Back at the house, Joe is introduced to everyone, Luke tells Lily that Giselle is in Stratford and she tells him to take one of the others to go get her. When everyone goes to bed, Lily had plans of having another drink with Joe until Emma asked for a moment alone. Emma asks Joe a series of questions about why he left and in Joe fashion, he avoids answering all of them.

At the FBI office, they are looking at the surveillance tapes from the train station and Mike notices that Max got on the train with Giselle after Giselle killed David. They think that they may have switched trains in Stamford, but they didn’t. They went straight through to Stratford which is about 30 minutes north of Stamford (I live in Connecticut).

Back where Joe and Mandy came from, they found Mandy’s mother’s remains in the house that Joe and Mandy burned down. Mike gets this information and knows that this is related to Joe because the mother was questioned in the past and cleared. Meanwhile, Ryan and Max took Giselle to a hotel to question her about Joe and his whereabouts, she is still playing the “I don’t speak English” card though.


Back at the house, Joe is talking to Emma and apologizing to her for disappearing and not letting her know that he was still alive. She tells him that when he died she called everyone that she could to get a group together, he asks if there are more followers and she tells him they are all dead now. He asks Emma for another chance, it seems like she is going to give it to him. Lily is trying to get some alone time with Joe, she sends Mark to occupy Emma.

Ryan is telling Giselle about what kind of a stand up guy Joe is and how Joe had Claire killed and that he is just going to kill them all. Ryan is now threatening to have the FBI called and sent to where she is, she is still not cooperating and she spits in Ryan’s face. Ryan then almost chokes Giselle to death and when Ryan finally lets go Max pretends like she is calling it in and she give Ryan the location of the factory that she was supposed to meet Luke at.


Mark decides to keep Emma occupied by showing her Lily’s art studio and in the meantime, Lily is getting her alone time with Joe. Joe asks her why she played the victim in the train incident and she said it was because she wanted to get close to Ryan. Joe cringes a little and asks how Ryan is and she tells him that he is still obsessed. Joe then asks her what she wants from him, she tells him that she has something to show him.

Ryan goes to the location that Giselle gives him, when he gets there, Luke and the other follower show up. Ryan shoots the follower and then disarms Luke, but the other guy had a gun hidden and shots at him and that gives them a chance to run off. Ryan has been shot and back at the hotel, a maid knocks on the door and while Max is sending her away, Giselle dislocates her thumb and gets her cuffs off and when Max closes the door, she knocks Max out and gets away.


Meanwhile, Mark and Emma are getting kind of close, she is drawing him and then he touches her face and when she touches him, he freaks out! He apparently has some kind of phobia that causes him to freak out when he doesn’t initiate bodily contact, but I thought he did. Emma tries to leave the studio, but she realizes the door is locked.

Back at the location that Giselle gave Ryan to go to, she shows up and the follower that Luke brought with him is dead and they put him in the trunk of the car. They then go off looking for Ryan with the plan of killing him. Lily brings Joe to a room in the house that has a young college student in a cage, she is sedated and she hands Joe a thing of “tools” that he could use to torture the young girl. Joe is appalled and he leaves the room and leaves Lily a little surprised.

Back in the woods behind the location Ryan went to, he finds a house with a first aide kit and he attempts patch himself up until the home owner’s wife comes home. He stops her from running out of the house and has her blindfold herself with a scarf to stop her from being able to identify him, he puts her in the kitchen while he patches himself up and then he cleans up.

Right before he leaves, Giselle and Luke show up to the house. Ryan puts the woman in a closet and tells her to be quiet because the people that shot him where there. Giselle is the first one he sees and he asks her where Max is, she tells him that she killed him and in the mist of them fighting, Ryan stabs and kills her. When Luke comes in he starts shooting at Ryan until he notices Giselle lying on the floor bleeding out. Ryan then runs out of the house.

After telling Lily that he doesn’t let anyone control what he does and Lily agrees to stay out of his way, he goes back to the girl in the cage. He puts her onto a table and puts on some music  and starts to work on her. Back at the FBI, Mike gets some surveillance footage of Joe and Mandy leaving Tennessee, you can tell that he recognized Joe, but he pretends not to.

After killing the girl in the cage, Joe, still covered in blood goes up to Lily’s room and apparently she is really turned on by the idea of Joe murdering again. Back at the art studio, Emma finishes her drawing of Mark, except the face she puts on it is Joe’s. Ryan heads back to find Max in the hotel room, alive and well.


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