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Season 2 Episode 15


Ryan risks everything by joining forces with Joe in an attempt to save Claire from the twins...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]






Barricaded in the church with his followers, Joe Carroll counts down "3,2,1" and shoots. But he doesn't kill Mike, he kills Preston, the preacher's son.

Joe addresses Ryan, knowing he's hiding nearby. He taunts him about Claire, telling him that he sent people to meet her at the inn. It's news to Ryan, he continues hiding and calls her, but psycho twin Luke answers. He and Mark are holding Claire hostage, she's alive for the moment. Luke demands that Ryan bring Joe to him alive and he'll spare Claire.

Ryan says it's impossible, but Luke is sure Ryan will find a way.

In the church, Joe gets increasingly annoyed that no one has found Ryan. The FBI huddles outside, watching Joe's live internet feed, and can tell things inside are coming to a head. Knowing the windows and doors are rigged, they need another way in.

Meanwhile, in the back of the church, Ryan attacks one of the followers and knocks him out. Ryan disarms the explosive and takes the lock off a window, calling Max. He tells her he's going to let the tactical teams in, but she has to do what he says.

With a gun to Mike's head, Joe mocks him as a "mini-Ryan."

Max briefs Agent Clarke on Ryan's moves in the church and they wait for Ryan's signal to blow the lights. Ryan creeps around in the church and gets a photo of unconscious Claire and an address of where to take Joe.

As Joe yells that he's really going to kill Mike, Ryan comes out with his hands up. All of the followers aim at Ryan as he makes his way to the front of the church. He swats the video camera out of Tilda's hands, breaking it and ending the live internet feed from inside the church. When Tilda comes at him, Ryan punches her. Joe keeps his followers calm.

Ryan gets close enough to Joe to whisper to him that the psycho twins have Claire and will kill her if Ryan doesn't bring Joe to them. Ryan shows Joe the picture message of Claire and warns him they have 10 seconds before SWAT comes in. He tells Joe to drop his gun and come with him so they can save Claire.

Joe drops his gun and the FBI blows the lights and storms the doors. Mike and Ryan lead Joe out the back, passing him off as injured, which Ryan sells by decking Joe.

Outside, they put Joe in the back of an unmarked FBI car. Max gives Ryan a burner phone and takes his and she and Mike plan to follow as soon as they can.

As Joe is getting into the car, he signals one of his followers. The young man runs off.

On the road to meet the twins, Joe opens up to Ryan, telling him when he dies, he hopes Ryan and Claire can be happy. Joe thinks he and Ryan are the same person, with "inverted morals."

Back at the church, Mike and Max get into an SUV to follow Ryan and Joe, disabling the GPS. Mike swears he's fine, despite just having a gun pointed at his head.

Mark and Luke take Claire to another of their mother's giant estates, on a secluded 300 acres.

In the car, Ryan confirms that if the twins don't kill Joe, he's planning to. "I sincerely hope that my death brings you the salvation you yearn for. Where ever I may be, I'll be rooting for you," Joe says.

"Thanks, Joe. I'm kind of looking forward to it," Ryan says.

Joe laughs.

Then their car is slammed by another from behind, sending it flipping it down the road.

The follower Joe signaled at the church gets out of the SUV and drags Joe out of the back of the totaled car. Ryan is unconscious is the front seat.

Joe asks for Tim's gun. He briefly aims it at Ryan, but kills Tim instead. Then, calling Ryan his "old friend," he drags him out of the smoldering car.

With the sun up, Max and Mike follow Ryan's signal.

Joe and Ryan arrive at the twins' estate and find notes for each of them inviting them to dinner. Joe takes out his gun and Ryan aims at him. Joe reminds him he saved his life and suggests he's earned a degree of trust.

The two adversaries go into the house together, covering each other, guns drawn.

They follow the sounds of music to a room filled with the twins' Joe prep, including his masks, and plans for their attacks that began Joe's resurrection.

Luke addresses them through a speaker, telling them to get ready for dinner. They hear Claire screaming and run toward the noise.

In a room in the basement, they find Claire hung up by her neck, teetering on a overturned bucket. Ryan cuts her down and removes the hood on her face. She's relieved to see him, then terrified and surprised to see Joe.

The reunion is short-lived. Luke tosses a tear gas canister into the room and the three of them pass out.

Ryan and Joe wake up tied to chairs around a table. Mark and Luke join them, dragging in Claire.

Joe asks about Emma and Luke enjoys breaking the news to him that Claire killed her. Luke toys with Ryan, offering him a drink.

When Ryan says no, Luke loads a gun for Russian roulette and shoots it at Claire, telling Ryan he'll pull the trigger every time Ryan lies.

Luke essentially waterboards Ryan with vodka.

Meanwhile, Ryan and Max pull up outside in the distance, having to hike in to avoid surveillance.

Inside, Luke demands Joe apologize for hurting their mother. As Mark holds the gun to Claire's head, Joe says what they want to hear.

But Mark thinks it wasn't sincere and informs Joe they're going to cut him into tiny bits over the course of 18 months.

Next, they turn back to Ryan, asking if killed their mother in cold blood. Ryan says he did and Joe picks up the thread, saying that Ryan isn't the good guy everyone thinks and has killed more people than he has.

The twins are distracted and Joe manages to grab a knife off the table, even with his hands duct taped to the chair. Joe keeps talking, telling them Ryan's dark secret: that after someone killed his father when he was 17, Ryan hunted the man down and killed him, and he's been seeking redemption ever since.

It's news to Claire. Ryan admits it.

Mark asks why Ryan needs to be forgiven, badgering him until Ryan says it isn't possible.

Mark announces that Ryan is a remarkable man, so they're going to let him live, but they're going to kill Max and Mike.

Luke says he's going to start by killing Claire and raises his gun at her to fire. But just then, bullets blast through the window into Luke's shoulder, knocking him down.

Joe cuts through his duct tape and ducks for cover. Luke grabs Claire and drags her away. Max and Mike bust in, Mike follows Mark and Max cuts Ryan free and gives him a gun.

Luke drags Claire to a study and opens a secret passage down to stairs. Claire body slams him against the wall and, even with her hands tied, kicks him down the stairs.

Meanwhile, Mike makes his way through the house and gets ambushed by Mark. They grapple briefly until Mike gets Mark down on the ground. Mike can barely control himself as he looks at one of the people responsible for killing his father. He tells Mark he didn't think twice before killing his mother.

Mike goes on, but takes a board to the back of the head, courtesy of Luke. Mark tells his brother that Mike is responsible for their mother's death, not Ryan, and Luke is ready to beat Mike bloody when there are more shots. Max blasts away at Luke from the other room, seemingly hitting him in the head.

Mark drags his brother's body away as Max rushes to Mike on the floor. He's groggy, but OK.

Claire runs through the house and right into Joe. He holds a knife to her throat as he pours his heart out, telling her how glad he is that she's not dead and begging her forgiveness for everything he's ever done to her and their son.

She's screaming no at him when Ryan tackles Joe off and slams him to the floor. Max and Mike join him, guns trained on Joe. Claire watches as Joe, kneeling on the ground, screams at Ryan to kill him, almost pleading with him. Max and Mike wait for Ryan to do it, but Ryan relents, trying to find some redemption. He calls for Joe to be arrested.

Later, with the FBI swarming the place, there are no signs of the twins. Ryan assures Mike that Luke is dead and they'll find Mark.

Mike asks Ryan why he didn't kill Joe. "Because this needs to end, Mike," he says.

Claire tells Ryan he did the right thing. He tells Claire he wants to come with her, but she tells him they're each other's past and they can't be together. "Go build a future for yourself, Ryan, whatever that is," she says. He watches her leave.

Mike confesses to Max that he would have killed Joe, but she thinks he wouldn't have. He kisses her. ("Finally!" says Max and the audience.)

Ryan goes over to Joe as he's being led away in cuffs.

"You should have killed me, Ryan," Joe says.

"Nah, I'm good," Ryan says.

"Choosing to save your own soul instead. I hope it goes well," Joe says.

Joe asks Ryan to visit him in prison, but instead Ryan plans to forget about Joe as he rots.

They put Joe into the back of a transport van as Ryan walks away.

Ryan comes home to his apartment with takeout and doesn't set the alarm. He eats alone in the quiet, then gets into bed, finally relaxing.

He rolls over in the middle of the night and puts his hand in a pool of blood. He finds Luke's dead body lying next to him, with Mark standing over him telling him he's a dead man. Ryan wakes up from the nightmare.

Meanwhile, in the woods somewhere, Mark waits for someone with his brother's (presumably) dead body. He puts Luke in the back.

"Thank you for coming, I didn't know who else to call," Mark says to the driver, whose face we don't see.


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