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The Flash: Will Zoom Return as Black Flash?

The Flash fans think they have seen the last of Zoom (Teddy Sears), but is there a chance the Earth-2 serial killer speedster could return as the ominous Black Flash? Apparently so.

"Zoom has been transformed into Black Flash, who has quite a place in the mythology of The Flash. He's like the grim reaper for speedsters," Sears tells us. "Andrew Kreisberg, the head writer and EP, has talked about their interest in having a Black Flash return at some point in the series."

Barry (Grant Gustin) currently has his hands full with Savitar, a speedster with God-like powers, and his henchman Dr. Alchemy (Tom Felton). However, a grim reaper of speedsters could be exactly what Barry needs to take down someone of Savitar's stature.

Possibly, but Sears admits that scheduling is tricky. While there have been talks about him returning to the Flash universe, there's no telling when that could realistically occur, whether it's this season or later on down the road. Sears is also currently under contract with Fox for 24: Legacy, which means he needs more than Kreisberg and team to say yes to bring him back.

"It would be a lot of fun to drop back into that world. We'll just have to see if the guys on the other end feel the same way," Sears says. "It sounds like they do, but it's funny - now I belong to Fox, so there's lots of people that would have to give a thumbs up. But I really hope so."

The Flash Season 3 returns on Tuesday, Jan. 24 at 8/7c on the CW.

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