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The Flash & Supergirl Get New Posters

The CW releases two new posters for The Flash and Supergirl, teasing upcoming episodes. Both The Flash and Supergirl returned to The CW this week after several weeks of spring hiatus (and Arrow rejoins the channel tomorrow), and fans are looking forward to seeing each show build toward their final season battle over the coming weeks. While Supergirl doesn’t have as clear a big bad story arc as the other two series, she’ll be facing off against Rhea (Teri Hatcher) by season’s end, while The Flash has been building toward the final Barry (Grant Gustin) vs Savitar battle for months.

While fans know what to expect for final showdowns (to an extent), it’s important to remember that the shows are still a few episodes away from their finales, and there are bound to be some phenomenal fights to look forward to before then. Now, with the return of the Arrowverse, The CW has released some new promotional material for the coming weeks, including two new posters.

The posters, shared by ComicBookMovie, are intended to promote tonight’s episode of The Flash, ‘The Once And Future Flash’, and next week’s Supergirl, ‘Alex’. The Flash poster shows Barry facing off against Savitar, both crackling with speed force lightning, and with the tagline “Know Your Enemy.” The Supergirl poster, meanwhile, shows Kara (Melissa Benoist) standing in costume with broken glass and water all around her. Her tagline reads “It Couldn’t Be More Personal.”

the once and future flash savitar poster The Flash & Supergirl Get New Posters
supergirl alex poster The Flash & Supergirl Get New Posters

The Flash poster is a clear reference to the main plot of ‘The Once And Future Flash’, where Barry heads into the future to find out Savitar’s identity – to “know his enemy.” Despite this, it actually works quite well as a season-end poster overall, as Barry vs Savitar is the big final battle. Supergirl‘s poster shows Kara breaking through the glass prison that Alex (Chyler Leigh) will be trapped in next episode. The teaser for Supergirl’s ‘Alex’ already revealed that Alex will be kidnapped, and Kara will have to save her from drowning in a glass cage that slowly fills with water.

Both posters feature the kind of gorgeous visuals that fans have come to associate with the Arrowverse, and are beautifully simple and to the point. Of course, the posters don’t reveal anything that wasn’t already known – Kara’s personal fight next week and Barry’s mission to discover Savitar’s identity are no secret – but they are still absolutely gorgeous.

The Flash continues Tuesday, May 2nd with ‘I Know Who You Are’ at 8pm on The CW. Supergirl continues Monday, May 1 with ‘Alex’ at 8pm on The CW.

Source: ComicBookMovie

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