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The Flash ‘Infantino Street’ Trailer & Poster: Captain Cold Returns

Captain Cold returns to The Flash in the trailer and poster for ‘Infantino Street’. The Flash is speeding toward its season 3 finale, with only two episodes left for Barry (Grant Gustin) to defeat Savitar and save Iris (Candice Patton). Last week, the show finally revealed the identity of this mysterious speedster, and now its all hands on deck to save Barry from… himself.

Next week, the show returns with the penultimate episode ‘Infantino Street’, in which Barry must find a way to power the Speed Force Bazooka that Tracy Brand (Anne Dudek) created this week. He’ll be searching for something capable of powering it up to trap Savitar, and now a new trailer and promo poster reveal two familiar faces that Barry will be meeting along the way.

Both Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) and King Shark will be appearing in the episode, with Cold teaming up with Barry to steal some alien tech from King Shark. The trailer [above] gives away quite a bit of the plot, as Barry seeks out Cold to help him steal the power source. King Shark, meanwhile, is being used as guard dog for the owners of the glowing red tech. The poster for ‘Infantino Street’ [below] shows Barry and Captain Cold facing off against the half-shark villain, with the tagline: “Running Out Of Time.”

The Flash Infantino Street Poster The Flash Infantino Street Trailer & Poster: Captain Cold Returns

The inclusion of King Shark as a guard dog suggests that the power source Barry needs is currently under ARGUS control. The half-man, half-shark metahuman was last seen being taken into custody by ARGUS to be studied and (hopefully) cured. Captain Cold, meanwhile, left the timeline to become one of the Legends of Tomorrow, and died at the end of season 1. Since then, earlier versions of the character have appeared, and the most recent Captain Cold (who joined the Legion of Doom) was returned to 2014 to take his place in history again. Presumably, it will be one of these versions of Snart that Barry teams up with, although it’s not clear exactly which point in time Barry borrows him from (or how friendly he will be toward the speedster).

Captain Cold and King Shark are two of the best-loved villains of the show so far, so ‘Infantino Street’ promises to be an incredible episode for the fans – especially fans of Legends who will be thrilled to see Leonard Snart back in the mix. King Shark is always a pleasure to watch, and it looks like the power source is going to involve some references to the Dominators – aliens who appeared in one of The CW’s crossover events. With so little time left before the season ends, this is sure to be an action-packed episode with a good chance of a cliffhanger ending.

The Flash season 3 continues next week ‘Infantino Street’ @8pm on The CW.

Source: The CW

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