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Season 3 Episode 18

"When Haskell Met Sammy"

Holly accidentally sets Haskell up with a gay man. Stuart helps Phil get over his fear of funerals.


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Holly meets a pilot at a bar, and they make dinner plans for the next evening.


exes 3184

The pilot wants to double date with his gay brother and Haskell, who his brother seems to have a thing for.

The Exes
Haskell, did not know that it was a date, but learns that the brother likes him. He treats Haskell so well, that Haskell decides to wait on telling him that he is straight.

Haskell's new suitor decides to go back to his ex, and Haskell does not have to reveal that he is not gay..



Holly and Nicki pass out drunk after partying, and woke up in sailor uniforms. Not sure if they slept with sailors, they soon get a text asking for the uniforms back. They find out that Mel, the costume lady from the musical "South Pacific," was kind enough to give the girls clean and dry clothes after she found them soaking wet and drunk outside the stage door. She then put them in a cab and sent them home.






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