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Screenshot 2014-08-28 04.26.47

Season 1 Episode 8

“To Whom Evil is Done”

Christine and Terry's connection deepens. Stanley Zale forces Christine to chose between the two men she cares about most. Billie forms her own dangerous plan to take down Zale. Bobby and Danny set Eric up, resulting in an explosion of violence that eventually reaches Terry and Christine, changing everyone's lives forever...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]

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Finale Recap

Eric Zale is in his office frantically searching for drugs when his father pulls up. Stanley asks him what happened with Terry and the missing shotglass. “Dad, no one is going to believe him,” says Eric. “You’ve got everything tied up.” Stanley says he handled things well — and then backhand slaps him across the face.

Adam visits a heavily medicated Clark in the hospital to find out if he knows who attacked him. Christine arrives and tells Adam that Terry’s been arrested — and hands him Eric Zale’s shotglass. Then Adam informs Christine that Terry’s father doesn’t want him back home. Christine volunteers to have Terry stay with her.

Adam meets Bobby in his office and asks him if any of his contacts know any meth dealers. If they get Eric in jail for drug use, they’ll be able to get a blood test from him.

Afterwards, Adam visits the judge to get a warrant for a DNA test for Eric. When Adam tells him he knows Eric’s guilty because according to sources there were acts of misconduct in the original trial, the judge questions Adam’s integrity and say he should just find a cause for a mistrial to exonerate Terry. “And let the killer go free?” Adam asks. “According to you, you let him go free,” responds the judge.

Danny meets with an informant named Luther. He shows him Eric’s mugshot and Luther tells him nobody sells drugs to him because they’ll get hurt or worse. Danny says Eric is using again and he needs to find out where he’s getting drugs.

Meanwhile, Stanley Zale confronts Isaiah Page about Terry’s release on bail. “We’re partners in this. That was the deal. One of us goes down, we both go. One son, both sons,” says Stanley. Isaiah tells him he knows about his dark money trail. Stanley says he can do whatever he wants. “You’ve got a black man in the White House and it’s still not enough for you,” says Stanley. Isaiah slaps him. Stanley threatens his family and Isaiah lets him know he’s not scared.

Danny and Luther arrive at a bar owned by a dealer named Ambrose. Bobby is there. He calls Luther over and asks if he knows Eric Zale. Luther tells him that’s why Danny’s there. Bobby tells Danny he has a proposition.

Meanwhile, Eric gets a call from Ambrose. He tells him he’s off drugs but then asks what time his bar closes.

In his office, Adam finds out from the New Jersey DNA tech testing Eric’s shot glass that the state police showed him a warrant for it and took it. Later, Billie is at home copying her work files to an external drive when Adam comes in and tells her that the shot glass is gone.

Christine meets with Stanley Zale at his office. “If you had the choice of freeing Terry Kucik or freeing your father, which would you choose?” he asks. He says he has evidence buried by her family that could guarantee her dad’s appeal for a retrial, then tells her to think about it.

At Maxine’s bar, Christine tells Terry what happened. She kisses him and they end up making love in her apartment. Afterwards, she admits that as a child she didn’t tell the truth about her dad helping her when she had a night terror the night he was accused of committing murder.

Eric arrives at Ambrose’s bar. Bobby lets him in and they snort drugs at the bar as Danny sits in a booth. Ambrose leaves. Then Danny comes over. Eric, who partakes in all the drugs on top of the bar, hands Danny the meth pipe to smoke. Eric — while holding a knife — starts to talk about Christine causing problems. Eric mentions that it’s the first time Danny actually hit the drugs, then leaps across the bar and stabs him, then repeatedly bludgeons Bobby. He moves back to stabbing Danny, who’s lying on the floor, and finds Danny’s police badge before running out.

At Christine’s apartment, there’s a knock at the door. Eric bursts in and attacks her. Terry runs in and punches and kicks him — then puts a gun in Eric’s mouth and shoots him. He cries and says they need to call the police. Christine comes up with a plan to leave Eric’s body at his construction site. It’ll seem like a dealer killed him. “I’m not letting you go back [to prison],” she tells Terry. She drives to the Zale construction site and drags Eric’s body to the stairs of his work trailer.

Billie is in her car in a vacant parking lot with files in the passenger seat. Meanwhile, Adam is at home and asks Trey if he’s heard from her. They call her. The phone rings in Billie’s car: The driver’s seat is open but she’s not there.

Christine comes back to her apartment. Terry’s ankle bracelet is on the bed but he’s gone. He’s on the road hitchhiking, gets picked up by a truck and they drive away.

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  1. crystalskull 9 September, 2014 at 10:10 Reply

    the first thing you would say after watching “the divide” is SOLD SOLD SOLD!! oh yes! i was sold,when i watched pilot.

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