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Season 1 Episode 7

“I Can’t Go Back”

With Clark in a coma, and Christine feeling responsible, she and Terry grow closer as it becomes his turn to help her. Adam has difficulty deciding whether or not to expose his father's involvement in the Butler case, thereby putting his family's safety, his political career, and everything the Pages have worked for at risk, as well. Terry puts his freedom on the line when he goes in search of DNA evidence that will prove his innocence once and for all...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button] DIV-107-Recap-1


Christine shows up at Maxine’s bar after visiting Clark in the hospital. Before he was attacked, Clark found out from Emily Butler’s friend Pauline McDaniel that Eric Zale was with Terry a month before the Butler murders — when Eric was allegedly in rehab, according to court documents. Terry says Eric wasn’t in rehab then. Christine gets distraught about Clark’s condition when she tells him they need to get a warrant for Eric’s DNA. “I don’t know if I can help you,” Christine cries. They start kissing before Christine stops it and leaves the bar.

At police headquarters, Billie confronts Isaiah and asks if he’ll help protect her family. He assures her that he will. But when she asks if he’ll bring to light what he knows about Eric Zale, Isaiah says: “Stanley will bring us all down. No matter how you play this, Adam falls,” responds Isaiah. If they go after Eric Zale, Isaiah won’t be able to help them.

Terry goes to see his father at a construction site. He apologizes for everything his parents lost because of him and tells him there’s something he has to do — and that he probably won’t be able to come home again.

Adam goes out for a run and gets hit by a car, though he’s still able to walk. When he goes home, Trey tends to his wounds and apologizes for calling Adam a fool during his spoken word performance. “I like hearing you speak the way you see it,” says Adam.

Danny talks to Maxine about Christine’s father’s case. He asks about a hammer he bought a week before the murder. She tells him his tools are in her garage. Maxine says they almost got engaged but he couldn’t afford to buy her a ring so he was going to make her one. She gives Danny the keys to the garage and he searches through it.

Billie visits the attorney general. She wants to know if she would get protection for providing information about Stanley Zale that would help in the investigation. The attorney general promises that she would make the charges against her as lenient as possible. Billie says she will help her get Stanley.

Then Christine goes to visit Stanley Zale. She lies and says Jared Bankowski was the real killer but that they just want to overturn Terry’s conviction and have Eric on the record to prove that Terry was in a relationship with Emily Butler. Zale says he’ll speak to Eric but when she leaves, he immediately calls Judge Reynolds.

At Isaiah’s office, Adam tells him he’s trying to get a warrant from the judge for Eric’s DNA. Isaiah says Zale “will drive you all through this. Son for a son — that’s the hold he had over me,” Isaiah says. “We can fight him together.” An angry Adam says “the only way I can think about what you did would be disgust and condemnation.” And he has to take a step forward for Trey’s sake “because I will not have my son looking at me they way I’m looking at you.”

Danny visits Christine’s dad in prison and pulls out metal engagement rings that Victor made for Maxine that were in his garage. Danny asks if Christine’s family set him up or if he committed the murder. “If you think the only way to hold onto her is by helping me, then you should just let her go,” says Victor. “‘Cause you can’t help me and she needs someone who is strong enough to see her through that.”

After finding out Eric Zale is at his family’s weekend home, Terry drives there while his ankle bracelet beeps because he’s going off the grid. Eric is smoking drugs and drinking when Terry arrives. They talk about Eric’s drug problems when he was younger. Then Terry mentions Jared Bankowski being executed. Eric reveals Jared’s plan to rob Mrs. Butler without a weapon — and that Eric convinced him he needed one. “So, what, you used knives?” Terry asks. “Just to scare them,” slips Eric. “That’s what you wanted to hear. That’s why you came here.”

Terry tells him he just wants to know what happened. “I just snapped,” says Eric. “It of just got out of hand,” saying they thought only the mother would be home. When Terry asks about Emily, Eric says it’s a haze. “It was the drugs, I know that. It wasn’t me,” says Eric, telling Terry he’ll deny everything he said.

A car pulls up and Eric answers the door. While he’s gone, Terry quickly takes Eric’s shot glass and puts it in his sleeve. Christine arrives to get Terry and Eric recognizes her from the Innocence Initiative. Eric goes to let the police in and Terry kisses Christine while stashing the shot glass in her coat pocket. Terry is arrested and they leave but when Eric sits down, he freaks out realizing the shot glass is gone.

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