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Season 1 Episode 5

"I'm for Justice"

The Page family deals with Jenny's fate. Trey finds himself at odds with his father as he gives voice to his own views about right and wrong. Christine reaches out to her estranged family for help as her investigation into Terry's case turns dangerous...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button] DIV_105_Jenny


Trey and Billie Page sit outside the ICU where Jenny Butler lays after overdosing on pills. She’s written them a letter. “It just hurt too much, what happened to my family, what I did to those two men — I can’t hold it anymore,” she writes. “I want to lay down, I want to rest, I want to go. Please let me go.”

In a busy flea market, Loretta Strauss — Jared Bankowski’s former girlfriend — approaches Christine Rosa. Loretta tells Christine not to look at her as they walk. She asks why there was no funeral for Jared. When she learns Jared’s mom never claimed his body, Loretta says Ida “probably took the pay day and split.” Christine wonders who’d pay her but Loretta doesn’t answer, then runs away when Christine asks who was with Jared at the Butler house. Two men block Christine’s way as she chases her. One shows her a handbag and tells Christine threateningly, “I bet your friend Maxine would really love this one.” A shaken Christine calls Danny, who comes to get her.

Adam Page meets with Billie’s brother Bobby in his office to go over the Butler case files. “All this evidence is cooked — and Rhubari, he’s your cook,” referring to the DNA tech who falsified the evidence. Adam wants to know who paid Rhubari to do it.

Terry Kucik visits a construction site to see Eric Zale. “It’s like I’m seeing a ghost,” Eric tells Terry. Eric says he’s been sober for nine years after going to rehab twice and is now married with kids. Terry asks if he has any extra work for him and though he hesitates at first, Eric says he’ll see what he can do to help him.

While Christine is at the police station looking at mug shots for the men from the flea market, she sees pictures of retired policeman on the wall. Among them are the men from the flea market. Shocked, she leaves the station.

Danny pays a visit to Griffin Dunleavy, who wrote a book about Christine’s father allegedly committing a murder. Danny asks if there was any information he didn’t put in the book. Dunleavy says Christine’s mom’s family — “the Kennedys of Philadelphia” — made sure that there’s not any more evidence to find. They never liked Christine’s dad, who was on his way to being a hockey superstar. When he couldn’t give her mom the “big life” she was used to, she left him. His life spiraled downward and he was accused of killing her fiance.

Billie goes in to see Jenny, who has woken up in the ICU. “When you feel like this, you’ve got to come to me,” Billie says compassionately. “I just don’t know what to do anymore,” says Jenny.

A devastated Trey visits his grandfather Isaiah at the police station. He blames himself for not realizing Jenny needed help. Isaiah says Adam stirred things up again with the Butler case. “Your father thinks the world has changed, some post-racial American nonsense,” he says. “The most dangerous thing we can do is to forget our history.”

Alone in his office in the dark, Eric Zale is slugging down alcohol when his father Stanley arrives. “I thought this was all taken care of,” says Eric about Terry getting out of prison. Eric tells him Terry asked for a job and Stanley thinks it’s a good way to keep track of him. “This is all gonna go away,” Stanley assures.

At Maxine’s bar, Danny waits for Christine to go visit her grandmother Elizabeth. They drive to her grandmother’s sprawling mansion. Christine goes upstairs to her room and her grandmother wonders the real reason Christine has come to visit.

Meanwhile, Billie’s brother Bobby has followed Rhubari to a Gamblers Anonymous meeting. Bobby pretends to be a gambler and begins to tell Rhubari’s story of deceit as if it’s own. Afterwards, Bobby taps a clearly scared Rhubari on the shoulder and suggests they get a drink.

Back at Christine’s grandmother’s home, Christine gets a check from her for an Innocence Initiative client. Her grandmother asks if it’s really for her father. Downstairs at the party, Christine sees Stanley Zale and tells him she’s working on the Bankowski case. “We believe the real killer is still out there,” she says.

Afterwards, Christine visits her father in prison and tells him she saw her grandmother. He’s angry and when Christine says she’s still her family, he gets enraged. The prison guard comes in and her dad pushes him. As he’s being restrained he screams, “Stay away from them, Christine!”

At home, Christine gets a call from Danny and lies that her father was in “great spirits.” Starting to tear up, she gets off the phone. She crouches down in her bathroom and calls Terry but then pretends she meant to call Clark instead. After hanging up, Christine begins to sob.


Sneak Peek: Episode 6

Clark and Christine confront Terry about his association with Eric Zale.


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