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Season 1 Episode 4

"Never Forget"

Terry has difficulty re-entering society after his release. Adam chases down loose ends, while Christine finds herself unprepared for the most important test of her life...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button] div-4-recap-1


On a snowy day, the prison exit door opens and Terry Kucik walks out a free man. Christine Rosa drives him to his parents’ house. The house arrest officer is there to fit him for his ankle bracelet. He tells Terry that until the judge finalizes his home detention agreement, he can’t leave the house.

At the Page home, Billie is angry that Adam hid Bancowski’s booking photos during the Butler trial and grills him about whether he knew about the DNA and the second sample inside Emily Butler. They had a deal to tell each other everything. “Now you’ve left me in the dark without a choice. A decision that could take us both down,” she says.

Jenny Butler gets a package delivered to her work. Christine has sent her Terry’s letters from prison. Jenny learns about Terry’s relationship with Emily, how she made him think he could become an engineer or an architect and he drew her a picture of an apartment where they would live in one day.

Terry goes to the Innocence Initiative to get the details of his home detention agreement. The judge is allowing him to work at Maxine’s bar because Christine has vouched for him. Clark asks him about the swastika tattoo on his hand. “I’m not judging you for doing whatever it is you had to do to stay alive in there,” Clark says. “But out here, that ends or you’re on your own.”

Over at the police station, Adam tells his father Isaiah he’s going to investigate the detectives who worked on the Butler case: Jenny’s ID of Terry Kucik was manipulated and the second DNA sample found in Emily Butler was covered up. It matched the killer’s DNA under Frances Butler’s fingernails. “There was a second man in that house,” says Adam. “His identity is being protected by the men who worked on the case.” Isaiah fumes that his cops’ motives are being questioned but Adam tells him he’s going to proceed anyway.

At the Kucik home, Terry eats dinner with his mother. She tells Terry that everything is going to work out, but his father calls her a “damn idiot.” A fight ensues between Terry and his dad, who tells him he destroyed their lives. “I’m calling the judge, the court, whoever and I’ll tell them I don’t want you here!” his father screams. Terry goes upstairs and gets a razor and slashes at his swastika tattoo.

At Maxine’s bar, Jenny Butler comes to see Terry. She asks whether he knew who hurt her sister. “No, I wish I did,” says Terry. Then she hands him the drawing he once did for Emily. “She would’ve wanted you to have it back. I’m sorry,” she says. He tells her she doesn’t have to be.

That night, Christine — who’s taken her bar exam — works at a party Maxine throws for the law students at her bar. When Terry goes to throw out garbage, Christine comes outside and reveals she thinks she failed the bar. She talks about the night her father was accused of committing murder. As a child, she got night terrors and her dad would read to her to help her go back to sleep — which is what she told the court happened that night. “When I got on the stand, they just tore me to pieces,” she says. Terry tells her she didn’t put her dad in prison. “You were just a kid,” he says.

A car drives through a snowy field. Stanley Zale gets out and walks to where Isaiah Page is standing. Isaiah asks him what he wants. “I want you to stop acting like I’m the only one here with a problem,” Zale says. “Maybe you are,” responds Isaiah. “No, no, no — we both have sons,” Zale says ominously.

Jenny Butler sits in her car. Prescription pills are spilled over the passenger seat as her eyes droop and she drifts off.div-4-recap-2

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