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The Blacklist

The Blacklist (NBC) Full Episode & Recap - "

"The Djinn"

Tom's back in play; Dembe gets double-crossed; Liz and Red enlist the FBI to help find a Blacklister with ties to the Cabal.

After dispatching Leonard Caul to find Dembe, Red surprises Aram in his apartment to ask for the FBI's help in finding The Djinn, a woman who dresses in all white and fills perverse revenge fantasies for the highest price. According to Red, several Cabal members number among her clients, and he's determined to get her ledger. Samar makes a connection to financier Bahram Bakhash, who's gone missing, much to the dismay of his CEO son Hamid and daughter Nasim. Liz meets with the woman in white, who doesn't believe her revenge fantasy. However, Liz does succeed in bugging the woman's shoe, which leads to the discovery that she's actually suburban mom Alice. Of course, Red persuades Alice to give up the real Djinn, who is in fact Nasim, perpetrating her own twisted revenge fantasy against her father, who had her sex surgically reassigned when he discovered his number one son was gay. By this time, the FBI has Nasim's mansion surrounded, so Red offers to help her escape in exchange for her client ledger. But Liz pulls out her gun as the chopper ascends, leaving Nasim on the ground along with her ledger - now missing one critical page.

In the meantime, Tom adapts the new personality of smarmy grifter Mr. Wainright to insert himself into the life of wealthy playboy gambler Asher Sutton, a conduit to Karakurt. When Liz calls, he tells her that he loves her and has come out of hiding to save her. Across town, Dembe and Mr. Vargas hatch a plan to escape Solomon's clutches. They're home free when Dembe tells Vargas that a classified ad will lead him to Red... which is when Vargas shoots him and calls Solomon.

The Blacklist

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